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Treatment: Find a Rescue Angel
The following Rescue Angels were found:
Jane Warner
Chinook, MT
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: Lack of eye contact Severe language delay Severe Sensory problems Lined up his toys Could not handle even minor changes in routines Wasn't able to potty train until age 5 Rocking
Helpful Therapies: Occupational Therapy Sensory Integration Therapy Hippotherapy PECS
How Therapy Helped: Significantly
Strengths: I am most familiar with high functioning autism, specifically dealing with sensory problems and PECS. I can also help parents learn how to be an advocate for their child in the school system.
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
I was terrified when Ryan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was told by doctors to prepare for a future in which my son would not function normally. I was advised to begin looking at group homes or long term care facilities for Ryan to be placed in when he became an adult. Had I not fought the doctors to get Ryan the treatment I felt he needed to get better, I don't think my son would be where he is today. Ryan's diagnosis has been changed to mild Asperger's (as he is now advanced in language skills)and now specialists believe he can pursue his dream to attend college and become a geologist. I believe that is quite an improvement on his original diagnosis and recommendations. If I can help one mother facing the dire prediction given to my son, then I will feel I have made a difference. I believe the medical community and some schools are overwhelmed by the challenge of helping these children. Parents have to help each other through this.
Dawn Secord
Columbia Falls, MT
[email protected]