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Treatment: Find a Rescue Angel
The following Rescue Angels were found:
Leslie Clark
Minden, NE
[email protected]
Chrissy Cameron
Omaha, NE
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: Digestive Issues, Allergies, Irritability, struggles with getting complete thoughts out
Helpful Therapies: GFCF Diet, Supplements, Play therapy, Video modeling, educational and occupational therapies.
How Therapy Helped: Significantly
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
I have been blown away with the progress that my daughter has made and I want to offer other parents hope and spread the word about the benefits of biomedical therapies.
Carol Salber
Omaha, NE
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: Lacking intelligible speech, significant sensory issues, digestive problems, headaches, nutrient deficiencies.
Helpful Therapies: Rotation diet, supplements, educational therapy
How Therapy Helped: Moderately
Strengths: I'm very well-read on biomedical issues. I'm also interested in inclusion-based strategies.
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
to give other parents hope and share information about treatment options so parents can make the best choices for their child