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Treatment: Find a Rescue Angel
The following Rescue Angels were found:
Wyndie Mileski
Charleston, SC
[email protected]
Susan Hefelfinger
Columbia (Lexington), SC
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: Delayed speech, socially aloof, echolalia, OCD, VERY picky eater, constipation, ADHD, whiny and silly behavior, unable to understand logical or safety concepts
Helpful Therapies: Yeast eradication, healthy GFCF diet, additional supplements
How Therapy Helped: He/She Recovered!
Strengths: Understanding of the diet methods that can help alleviate symptoms
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
This was the most rewarding and most difficult experience of my life. No parent can get through this alone.
Diane Farr
Greenville, SC
[email protected]
Maurine Meleck
North Augusta, SC
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: imflammatory bowel disease, slow growth, OCD bigtime, echolalia, slower learner etc.
Helpful Therapies: supplements, IV glutathione, pentasa and tri-enza for gut, SCD
How Therapy Helped: Significantly
Strengths: bio-medical treatments-politically active with AChamp-locally active in politics to benefit autism
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
to help others who need it. For years I was a parent to parent for UA
Kelly Fairbairn
Simpsonville, SC
[email protected]
Jennifer Kurtz
Summerville, SC
[email protected]