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Generation Rescue is a non-profit organization founded by parents of mercury-poisoned children dedicated to providing other parents with the truth about the cause of their children's neurological condition.
We are normal, everyday parents just like you. We have united out of the shared bond, anguish, and outrage of discovering that our children have been mercury-poisoned. The mercury-poisoning has resulted in a wide range of symptoms labeled as autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS, ADHD, speech delay, or some other neurodevelopmental condition. We are also united in the hope that a partial or complete reversal of our children's symptoms is possible by treating them medically for mercury toxicity.
The amount of misinformation about the true cause of this very recent explosion in neurodevelopemental disorders can be overwhelming. By allowing parents to focus on true cause, we believe parents can provide their children with the best chance for recovery. Right now, thousands of parents armed with the truth are successfully healing their children.
Generation Rescue is a non-partisan, 100% independent organization with no ties to any other organization, no conflicts of interest, no hidden agenda, and no profit motive. Any recommendations for products made on this site are made at an arms-length basis and made solely for purpose of providing parents with information to help their children heal.
We were created by parents to help parents. For a list of the more than one hundred Parent-Founders of Generation Rescue, please consult the Rescue Angels section of this website.