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National Ad Campaigns

Since our inception, Generation Rescue has used full-page advertisements in newspapers to spread the word about autism. Often times, it’s hard to get the mainstream media to listen, because pharmaceutical companies are the #1 buyer of advertising in the world. Below is a gallery of the ads we have run so far.

"Autism is preventable and reversible"
May 24, 2005, USA Today
Our first ad, letting parents know that "Autism is preventable and reversible." It was true in 2005 and its still true today.

"Autism and mercury poisoning: not a coincidence"
June 8, 2005, New York Times
A hard-hitting ad comparing the symptoms of autism to the symptoms of mercury poisoning, and encouraging parents to check out a new book: Evidence of Harm. Some parents thought this was an ad for the book. It wasn’t.

"Thank you researchers"
November 14, 2005, New York Times
An Ad thanking researchers and listing the science that has helped us gain a better understanding of what is going on with our kids.

"If you caused a 6,000% increase..."
April 6, 2006, USA Today
The ad heard around the world? This ad caused the CDC to hold an emergency press conference. It featured the announcement of a new website, that provided an explanation of how the CDC is covering-up the autism epidemic, including many emails captured through FOIA lawsuits.

"Are we over-vaccinating our kids?"
September 25, 2007, The Oregonian & The Orange County Register
This ad announce a new survey conducted by Generation Rescue looking at unvaccinated kids and comparing the vaccine schedule from 1983 to 2007.

"Green our vaccines..."
February 12, 2008, USA Today
Are we poisoning our kids to protect their health? A hard-hitting ad challenging the over-vaccination of American children.

"Government again concedes vaccines cause autism..."
February 23, 2009, USA Today
This ad highlights a newly-released court case spelling out that a family was compensated by the US government for vaccines causing their son’s autism.


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