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We would like to leave you with some thoughts before you go:

If you choose to pursue treatment for your child based on the conclusion that environmental factors are the root cause of your child's ailments, many friends, family members, and doctors will dismiss or ridicule your decision. They will say you are crazy, that treatment is "quackery", and that it is unsafe and unproven. At the same time, they will probably not offer a plausible explanation for the causes of the sudden, devastating epidemics of neurodevelopmental disorders that have impacted millions of children and their families.

Pursuing medical treatment that is not yet widely understood, and at times openly opposed, will place a disproportionate burden of learning and initiative on your shoulders. There is a large and growing network of physicians across the country versed in treatment to assist you, but your own effort, belief, and perseverance will be paramount.

There are hundreds, now bordering on thousands, of stories of parents who have successfully recovered their children by focusing on removing toxins and viruses from their children's bodies. While each one of these stories represents a "miracle", the truth is that these parents made an active decision to go beyond mainstream medicine to focus on the true cause and cure. They have created their own miracle through their initiative and independent thinking. As Safe Minds (Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders) board member Mark Blaxill describes, "Virtually every step forward of any consequence with respect to the scientific agenda has come from parents."

Believing that your child's ND is caused by environmental factors requires that you to confront the reality that doctors you trusted unwittingly failed you and that a government that you believed would protect you from unsafe drugs did not. You may experience feelings of anger, despair and of being overwhelmed. You may question basic human decency. You are not alone with these feelings and you are not alone in knowing what is true. In the end, the truth always prevails.

If you believe the information on this website is helpful and will provide guidance for you on how to heal your child, please spread the word to other families in need.


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