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This month I have been asked to address STIMMING behaviors as they relate to Autism.  Stimming is defined as repetitive body movements, formally called Stereotypy. These self-stimulatory repetitive movements of the body can be as simple as a lateral gaze or as obvious as running back and forth or jumping and clapping.  Stimming behaviors can involve any body part, but the key is to look for repetition.  The treatment of these behaviors will depend greatly on the cause of the behaviors....

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Diarrhea can be defined as a child having anywhere from 1-6 or even more liquid stools per day.  They can be explosive, foul smelling, and have a variety of colors.  Some pediatrician may call it “toddler’s diarrhea” and say it should be ignored, but diarrhea is never normal unless associated with a passing viral infection.  These children with recurring diarrhea tend to be in pain, have bloated tummies and are commonly very uncomfortable after eating.  They also tend to have a lot of self-injurious behaviors.  Many would rather not eat and thus have muscle wasting in the extremities. 

Initial laboratory studies for your doctor to consider:...

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Some of the children I see did in fact develop normal sleep patterns and somewhere between 1 and 2 years of age these patterns fall apart.  They can happen abruptly or over time.  Usually the parents adapt and develop some very unusual ways of coping with it…just to get some sleep!  Sleep interruptions can manifest in different ways as well, with the child waking up:...

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