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The Autism Education Summit

Date:Oct. 17 - 18, 2014
Location: The Fairmont Dallas
1717 North Akard Street
Dallas TX TX 75201
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This Inaugural Autism Education Summit for parents, professional and caregivers showcases how implementing a holistic approach and treating the whole individual can ease the medical conditions and behavioral symptoms common in children, adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Over the three days, summit attendees will have the opportunity to investigate: 

  • Practical guidance on how to manage the components of autism from medical treatments to behavioral therapies to long term care of adults
  • Current treatment options available for autism medical conditions specific to your situation
  • Recent developments on medical conditions associated with autism


Learn from the best. National, leading medical researchers and clinicians will present in-depth, scientifically proven treatment options to attendees. Our speakers are from top universities and are highly regarded experts in the field of medicine and therapies that best addresses the needs of children affected by autism. Learn actionable evidence based treatment options available for individuals with ASD. 
Join our community. Connect with parents, therapists and medical professionals. Take the opportunity to ask questions, learn about valuable resources and network. We are in this together! 
In-person connections. Face-to-face conversations with parents, medical professionals, caregivers and therapists. Specific time to ask questions, exchange information and learn from one another. 
Featuring a Celebrity Keynote by Jenny McCarthy and Jacqueline & Chris Laurita 
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