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Treating Autism UK Conference 2012

Date:Sep. 8 - 09, 2012
Location: Brunel University, Uxbridge
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Whether your child is newly diagnosed or already an adult, the Treating Autism UK Conference will offer you many things of value. If you live in or near the UK, mark your calendar and start making arrangements to spend the weekend. Do it for your child and for yourself.

Over the two days and two evenings, you will have a chance to network with other parents, meet service providers and autism-friendly businesses, and learn things that will inform your decision-making for a long time. You will run into old friends and leave with new ones made.

Day one of our conference will be devoted to non-biomed learning. You'll find a choice of three workshops that focus on therapies you can use yourself:
  • Intensive Interaction (II),
  • Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), and
  • Verbal Behaviour (ABA/VB).

Each of these workshops will provide you with enough information to go home and use appropriate and effective techniques to help your child in myriad ways. The speakers are all highly motivated and experienced experts in their areas and will be able to provide you with useful and usable information.

Day two will be devoted to biomedical treatment learning. Speakers are still being confirmed and more informaiton will be posted on the Treating Autism website shortly.

Please visit the Treating Autism Conference page to read more about the presentations, to help you choose the therapeutic approach that best suits your child and your family. Additional information on tickets and accommodation can also be found on their website here.

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