Autism is a physical illness and is treatable


Science that supports autism is an illness

More than 500 scientific studies show children with autism are physically ill, have high levels of toxins (heavy metals and pesticides) and infections (herpes and rubella) that are associated with autism. The scientific literature and their autism symptoms improve when their underlying medical conditions are treated.

Evidence of causation and co-morbid illness - Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature Citations (mostly studies):

Evidence of Recovery - Autism is Treatable!

Scientific Evidence of Recovery – Peer Reviewed Scientific Literature About Treatment

Autism Recoveries

Generation Rescue tracks recovered children

·         Thousands of children have recovered

- Some stories of families available to the media are at this link:

·         1200 of those families are located in 35 countries and are volunteers in our Rescue Angel program.  Three of their stories are attached below all of the are available online at

Pre and Post Pictures Documenting Recovery

There are thousands of children who have been formally diagnosed with autism that have recovered through treatment of their underlying medical conditions.  The children below are just a few of the many children available to be interviewed by the press.


Christian with Autism


Markena with Autism


Nathan With Autism


Christian Recovered


Markena  Recoverd


Nathan Recoverd


Ryan with Autism


Scott with Autism




Reeve with Autism


Bryce with Autism


Ryan Recovered


Scott  Recovered



Reeve Recovered


Bryce Recovered


Quinn with Autism


Elizabeth with Autism


Ryan with Autism


Ben with Autism


Quinn Recoverd


Elizabeth Recovered


Ryan Recovered


Ben Recovered

Recovery Stories


We receive recovery stories from parents around the world every day.  These parents are available to be interviewed by the press, doctors or scientists.  These are just a few of thousands.


Recovered Nick Wachol

Submitted by: Alice Wachol 

Mom of Recovered Nick – 6 years old

[email protected]

Managing Director, Michigan

Deloitte Consulting LLP

I'm the mother of a six year old boy, Nick, who has completely recovered from Autism through the biomedical approach that has been described by Jenny McCarthy.  He is now indistinguishable from his peers:  bright, talkative, charming, inquisitive and affectionate.   Today he keeps pace with high-achieving, “neurotypical” peers in a very challenging academically-oriented private school, with teachers that are unaware of his past issues.  He has come such a long way from the two year old who was non-verbal with no eye contact, repetitive gestures and terrible gastrointestinal problems!  Photo and video comparisons from then to now are nothing short of incredible!

I have always been a large proponent of traditional medicine.  For several years I was the Vice President of pharmacy for a large national retail chain, running the sixth largest pharmacy in the nation.  I always believed that pharmaceuticals were the quick and efficient approach, and that vitamins were a weak and ineffective substitute.  I have undergone a complete 180 degree change in my views.   

Through sleepless nights of research,  I started to learn that many parents were making headway with this "incurable" disease my son had. My husband, Bob, was frankly skeptical but after 20 years of marriage, he could tell how serious I was about following this new path.  Within 36 hours of eliminating milk from Nick's diet, he started to talk!  Bob called me at work and said, "You're onto something!" which was high praise indeed.  Family, friends, babysitter -- all were astounded to see the changes.

Over the course of the next twelve months, Nick's symptoms receded one by one until they now seem like a nightmare.  His speech and behavioral therapists "fired" him because he improved so much.  His eye contact came back.   He understood what we were saying to him.  He regained imaginative play.  He started to sing.   What a gift all of this is!   

The physicians who started this movement have all the sound biological research to support why this happens to some children and why these methods work to heal them.  The root of it is in a process called the Methylation/Sulfation cycle, whereby your cells "clean themselves out." The nutritional restart of this process is stalled in some children.

The gut healing that Jenny McCarthy describes is essential to success. And, as a bonus, these things have made my entire family more healthy! I have friends who are parents of children with many other disorders, from asthma to allergies, that have benefited as well.  With all the allergies, auto-immune disorders and frequent illnesses children have today, this topic really resonates with all parents.

As a volunteer for Generation Rescue, I've helped at least 100 families start down the path toward healing.  They've all had different results but many see dramatic improvement.  Imagine my frustration, then, to see this information left out of traditional media.  How many kids' lives could be improved if only they would communicate that there are things that can help? 

It is fascinating to meet the doctors and parents who have accomplished the impossible:  curing so many children.  The media should be knocking down our doors.  What we know is really life-changing, truly.

Alice Wachol

Recovered Bryce Simpson

Bryce With Autism

Bryce Recovered

Submitted By Mike and Michele Simpson

Parents of Recovered Bryce




Michele Simpson

[email protected]

My nine-year-old son has completely recovered from autism through the GF/CF diet and supplements (enzymes, yeast treatments, B12 and Kirkman vitamins). We haven’t done any expensive therapies or mercury detoxification. He was normal as an infant (with the exception of stomach problems), had language (5-10 words) and a loving connection to his family. At 13 months old, after his one-year vaccines, (including MMR) he fell into autism within a matter of days. He lost all language and methods of communication, including pointing and gesturing.

He was diagnosed at only 18 months old because he was extremely autistic. The developmental pediatrician at the State Evaluation Center told me "I usually don’t even mention the word autism unless a child is at least 2 or 3, but your son’s symptoms are so severe I’m going to go ahead and tell you".

I put him on the GF/CF diet immediately (found out because of Jenny McCarthy) and the results were amazing. We went back for a follow up at the evaluation center only three weeks later and they were shocked at his improvement. It was determined, however, that although the diet was helping immensely, he was still autistic. We stuck with the diet 110% (the only way it works) and he continued to improve, baby-steps. If he had a diet slip-up, he would immediately regress for about 10 days.

At age three, he was a student for almost a month in the local autism center's (TEACCH) summer training program to teach educators how to handle autistic kids. His symptoms were still so pronounced that he was the perfect ‘sample autistic student’. These autism specialists (including PhD’s) spent more than three full weeks with my son, (keep in mind he had already been on the diet for a 1 ½ years at that time so he had dramatically improved from his original condition), and never questioned whether he was autistic. I emphasize this because I am tired of the speculation that these kids weren’t autistic to begin with. Also, to emphasize that the diet is a long-term thing! I heard Barbara Walters give Jenny McCarthy a hard time about whether Evan is ‘cured’. He is only 5 years old! It takes many years to iron all the issues out. My son wouldn’t have been considered ‘cured’ until he was about 7, so give it a little more time!

My son is walking proof that kids can be cured of this type of autism. If you met him today you would never guess he had ever been considered autistic. He seems a little ADHD at times, but his IQ is 139, he is above grade level in every subject but spelling, and most of all he is a loving compassionate friend to many. We just got home today from another birthday party—the SIXTH one he’s been to this summer.

I would love to have those who doubt recovery is possible to meet him or see a video of him. When I asked his permission to send his story in to a TV show, he replied (italics mine)

In his own words:

"I’d like to make a statement coming straight from me. This diet has helped me so much. When I was younger I used to have to wear headphones (the type made for shooting ranges) when I went to the movies (he was so hypersensitive to sound) and now I can hardly hear my mom when she calls for me when I’m in my bedroom. Also, before the shot (the one-year round including MMR) I was saying words, and then I stopped and only made animal sounds. When I started the diet my words came back right away. Now, if I eat off my diet, (he has had only tiny infractions over the years) I can’t stop laughing at nothing, get in lots of trouble, and fall out of my chair over and over."

Sometimes my son will tell me he is feeling like he’s had gluten, he will be a little OCD, stubborn, or sluggish acting and I can immediately look back at his diet and find some small infraction, like something new he ate that was cross-contaminated with gluten upon further examination. This has happened dozens of times with the same results every infraction. When I hear there isn’t any science behind the diet, I wish someone could observe my son after he’s eaten a little gluten/dairy. They would be convinced for life. Once several years ago he ate a few bites of regular ice cream and he had slurred speech, laughed uncontrollably for days, and was falling out of chairs repeatedly just like a drunk.

My concern is to get the word out to other families who could benefit from our story, but also to beg for research! What will happen to my son when he is older, out on his own and chooses to eat something off his diet? This reaction is similar to taking morphine, so the risk is immeasurable—beyond description. He is normal when he is on his diet, but he is out of his mind if he eats gluten/dairy. Should he have a driver’s license? Will he binge on gluten out of rebellion and get ‘hooked’ on it? We have to find a cure for this digestive condition soon. There is a whole generation from the 90’s vaccine boom who are becoming teens and we can’t control their diet forever.

There is so much to say, an entire books worth, but I hope I have made my point. We are out here and our kids are being cured!! Jenny McCarthy and Evan are not an isolated story. She is telling our story. Thank you so much for allowing her to broadcast it to the world!!!!

Recovered Aiden

Submitted by: Megan Browne

mother to Aiden – 6 years old

[email protected]

Below is picture of Aiden, now age 6.  He was diagnosed with autism.  Had high anxiety anywhere but home, no spontaneous speech, horrible sleep patterns, myoclonic jerking all through the night, placed on colonidine and valium for very bad episodes, could not have a conversation or answer any questions with anything but a repeated word (echolalic), very poor fine motor skills, severe tantrums and frustration. 

Began Feingold Diet at age 2.5: decreased anxiety, improved sleep, OFF CLONIDINE AND VALIUM!, improved verbal skills but still no spontaneous speech or communication. 

Began casein free at age 3: HUGE increase in vocabulary, increased eye contact and interaction, less tantruming, more motor skills!

Began gluten free (and continued casein free) at 3.5: SPONTANEOUS SPEECH!  Pointed to himself 1 week after gluten free and said, "I'm Aiden" for the first time ever!!!  Answering questions, asking them, coming up with spontaneous ideas, conversational!!! 

*Had a developmental assessment at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore MD with a pediatric developmentalist - at age 3.5, after already being on Feingold AND GFCF.  She told us, after hearing and reading his medical history, "HE USED TO BE AUTISTIC BUT NOW HE'S NOT ANYMORE."  Straight from the horse's mouth.  Directly after this she said what we are doing is not working, we should "be careful" about modifying his diet, and said he'll likely need to be on medication by the time he is school-aged. 

He is now in kindergarten and on NO medication.  *Also had B-12 shots that greatly improved speech and language, as well as behavior.  Supplements helping a lot.  HE IS DOING THIS WELL AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN BEGUN yeast treatment, chelation or any other biomed treatments yet!!!  IT WORKS, it works, it works. 

His picture is many "autistic" kids make believe they are Greg (The Wiggle), wearing a magician's hat (his Big Bird hat), holding a magician's wand (a wooden spoon) and driving in the Big Red Car??? 

Why don’t the pediatricians know that autism is treatable?

  1. It’s too much work to read the science
    1. It took us 14 months to read and compile the autism scientific literature.  Pediatricians do not have the time or (typically) the motivation to take the time to read the science.  They depend on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for their guidance.
  2. The American Academy of Pediatrics
    1. The same community that is treating children with autism is also saying that vaccines are one of the causes, so there is an inherent bias from the AAP against believing we are right.  Quite often we hear a “If they appear right about treatment, they’ll appear right about causation” philosophy.
    2. Treating children with autism takes hours at a time rather than a 10 minute session.
    3. The AAP receives a majority of their income from the pharmaceutical companies who do not want our community to gain traction.
  3. The Medical Schools
    1. Pediatricians are not trained in medical school to look for the medical issues that children with autism commonly have.
    2. Medical Schools are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies and do not want treatment of autism to be mainstreamed.
      1. Autism treatment consists of diets, vitamins and healthy alternatives.
      2. Autism treatment philosophies are also reported to help individuals with chronic illness which typically create a life-long revenue stream for the pharmacuitical companies.


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