AAP and The Mercury Smoke Screen – Today


The AAP frequently tells people that mercury was removed from vaccines since 2001 and today, 8 years later, there are still several vaccines with mercury in them and the AAP recommends flu vaccines (which often contain mercury) to pregnant mothers.

AAP often provides the statement that No scientific link exists between vaccines and autism.  This is the same writing style that the tobacco companies used to hide from the evidence about tobacco causing cancer. 

There is much evidence that vaccines can cause autism in at least some children.  You can even have a preponderance of evidence that vaccines cause autism, but not a link.  A link in science requires the highest standards of testing (which will not be funded by the government or the pharmaceutical companies) and in the case of cigarettes it took 100 years to establish.

Example: 1.) After decades of scientific evidence, Dr. Emmanuel Farber, another member of the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee, lectured at Southern Illinois University in June 1964.  The Carbondale South Illinoisan, a local newspaper, reported on June 18, 1964 reporting that  “There is a missing link in the absolute proof that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer  - the ability to reproduce this causation in experimental tests on animals.  Such tests, in which rats were exposed to cigarettes smoke have failed to produce conclusive results,” Farber said.

Example: 2.) Decades after there was scientific evidence that showed cigarette smoking caused cancer, the leading health officials said there wasn’t a link.  SURGEON GENERAL TELLS (Cincinnati) INQUIRER ”NO EVIDENCE THAT SMOKING CAUSES CANCER OF LUNGS” http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/tfb50e00/pd


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