Other Mainstream Voices Concerned About Vaccines and are For Vaccine Research:

Collected By: David Kirby

President Barack Obama – Who said last year, that: "We've seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it's connected to the vaccines. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it."

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – Who said last year that, “ I am committed to make investments to find the causes of autism, including possible environmental causes like vaccines. We don't know what, if any, kind of link there is between vaccines and autism - but we should find out."

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) – Who said last year, "It’s indisputable that (autism) is on the rise amongst children, the question is what’s causing it. And we go back and forth and there’s strong evidence that indicates that it’s got to do with a preservative in vaccines."

Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) – Who told Congress in 2006, "I want to be clear that ... no research avenue should be eliminated, including biomedical research examining potential links between vaccines, vaccine components, and autism.”

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) – Who concured on the Senate Floor with Senator Enzi’s remarks.

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) – Who told Congress in 2006 that the Combatting Autism Act should fund "environmental research examining potential links between vaccines, vaccine components and autism. In January, 2008, he called efforts to strip vaccine research from funding, "contrary to the spirit of the (CAA) bill."

Bob Wright, Co-Founder, Autism Speaks – Who told the UK Daily Telegraph in 2008 that, “There is no question but that autism is partly genetic and partly environmental. We ought to be able to zero in on some of the environmental factors in early childhood. Vaccines are one of the variables.”

CDC's Immunization Safety Office -- As part of its draft research agenda for vaccine safety, this agency last April proposed looking at several clinical outcomes from childhood vaccinations, including "Autoimmune diseases; central nervous system demyelinating disorders; encephalitis/ encephalopathy; and neurodevelopmental disorders including autism."

Scientists at UC San Diego -- They wrote in the journal Autism that children given Tylenol after the MMR shot were several times more likely to develop autism. Tylenol can reduce levels of glutathione - a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. "Tylenol and MMR was significantly associated with autistic disorder," the authors wrote. "More research needs to be completed to confirm the results of this preliminary study."

Former CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding -- who told CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta: "If a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines, and if you're predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage (and) symptoms that have characteristics of autism. We have to have an open mind."

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases -- who told US News, "If we can show that individuals of a certain genetic profile have a greater propensity for developing adverse events, we may want to screen everyone prior to vaccination (for) undetectable diseases like a subclinical mitochrondrial disorder."

Drs. Richard I. Kelley, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Margaret L. Bauman, Massachusetts General Hospital, Marvin R. Natowicz, Cleveland Clinic, etc -- "Large, population-based studies will be needed to identify a possible relationship of vaccination with autistic regression in persons with mitochondrial cytopathies."

Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director and current IOM Member Dr. Bernadine Healy – She told CBS News that, “public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the (vaccine) hypothesis as 'irrational,' without sufficient studies of causation... without studying the population that got sick."

Former Chief Scientific Officer, UK Department of Health, Dr. Peter Fletcher – The former equivalent of the US FDA Adminstrator, said, "This really proves the causal role of vaccines: Somali children who are newly exposed to aggressive vaccine programmes have exceptionally high levels of autism. What more evidence is needed? The refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history."


Green Our Vaccines

Jim Carrey

Transcript from the Green Our Vaccines Rally
Washington, DC
June 4th, 2008

With Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Robert F. Kennedy Jr,
Boyd Haley PhD, Jay Gordon MD and Jerry Kartzinel MD.

Videos available at: http://www.generationrescue.org/green-our-vaccines.html

Transcript: Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey:  Let’s have a hand for all the wonderful speakers that have been here today so far.  Brilliant, brilliant.  I just want to start by asking the CDC one question:  how stupid do you think we are?  I made a movie about two dumb guys, but nobody’s this stupid.  It’s nice to see you—I’m so glad you made the trip, I can’t tell you how much that means.  Each one of you here today represents thousands for whom the financial strain of this terrible disorder made it impossible to be here.  So we are their voice today.  We are here today because we have seen our perfectly normal children descend into a state of emotional isolation, physical agony, and mental confusion after a trip to the pediatrician.  We have seen how practically overnight they stop speaking, stop reacting, and stop being able to show affection.  We have watched over them when the slightest hint of a fever sends then into what can be a fatal brain seizure.  We have seen the rate of autism rise from one in ten-thousand, in 1983, to one in one-hundred-fifty children in 2008, while in the same time period the number of vaccines given to our kids has gone from ten to thirty-six.  We don’t think this is a coincidence—and we’re here to say that we believe thirty-six vaccines in the first few years of life is too many, too soon.  We are not against all vaccines.  Vaccines can do a lot of good.  But many of us believe that in the last few decades, corporate influence has turned the vaccine program into more of a profit engine than a means of prevention; and it’s time to let the people who make them, and the people who insist we take them, know once and for all that it’s too many, too soon.  If on the way to save someone from a burning building, a fire engine ran people over, we wouldn’t stop using fire engines.  We would just ask them to slow down a bit.  Well, it’s time to tell the CDC and the AAP that it’s time to slow the fire engine down—people are getting hurt on the way to the fire.  It’s time to let them know that it’s too many, too soon.   It’s time to tell them that we want real independent studies done on the effects of these vaccines, not studies paid for by the people who make the vaccines.  We want real science, not propaganda.  We want a change in the vaccine schedule, and a means of testing the vulnerability of children’s immune systems before multiple vaccines are administered.  It’s time to tell them loud and clear that we’ve had enough of their “talk to the hand approach.”  We are fed up with them trying to tell us that legitimate scientific research, court settlements that have been awarded for vaccine damage, and the overwhelming anecdotal of evidence of thousands and thousands of parents and doctors, do not constitute real science and don’t warrant their attention.  I believe that history will prove the moms and dads were right about autism.  The sea of evidence and testimony can no longer be ignored, and those who refuse to acknowledge it now will soon take their rightful place beside the many learned men and women of the past who insisted the earth was flat.  This problem will be solved.  It will be solved because all of us are in the same boat.  The people at the CDC will not be spared this experience.  The people who make the vaccines, and profit by them, will not be spared this experience.  And the people who make the policy in that building behind me will not be spared this experience—unless real, significant change is made.  Autism is everywhere.  It’s on every street in every town.  It’s a warning from the universe that there is a serious imbalance in our environment, and that immediate changes must be made.  To quote Burton Goldberg, an expert on the new age of medicine, “Autism is the canary in the coal mine.”  But you know all this, because you’ve lived it.  Seeing what Jenny’s been through has taught me one thing:  that we have to trust our own instincts.  If we’ve learned anything from Hurricane Katrina, it’s that we can’t always rely on government agencies to do the right thing.  Oftentimes, they will avoid the obvious cause of a problem if the solution is inconvenient.  And I certainly wouldn’t trust the drug companies to regulate themselves; God knows they’re far too busy fighting the terrible scourge of restless leg syndrome—also known as “lazy ass disease.”  But I’m not a cynic, and I didn’t come here today to concentrate wholly on what’s wrong with the system.  I believe there is a positive reason for everything we go through, and even the most challenging and painful things that happen to us have a purpose.  These children have a purpose.  It probably has something to do with making us aware of our excesses, and, even more importantly, teaching us how to love.  Without Evan, I might never have seen the greatness of Jenny’s spirit.  My daughter Jane, Jenny and Evan are the greatest things that ever happened to me, and learning how to love them has made me a man.  So dads:  hang in there!  You need these kids as much as these kids need you.  Lastly, I want to say that I believe very strongly in visualization and faith.  Everything that’s happened to me that’s good, has been the result of my willingness to believe totally in how I want things to be, as if they already exist.  Let’s dare to do that today.  Let’s dare to believe that they’re greening our vaccines, the vaccine schedule has been changed, and our kids are receiving fewer doses over longer periods of time.  Let’s dare to believe that we change substantially improved the quality of our children’s lives, and because of days like today, future generations are virtually free of autism.  I promise you that if you dare to believe that thought, everyone who is in a position to make a difference will be compelled to do so, and we will all share this victory.  I wish you peace, love and oneness.  Thank you very much.  Thank you, thank you. 



Boyd Haley PhD.
Transcript from the Green Our Vaccine Rally
Green Our Vaccines Rally
Washington, DC
June 4th, 2008

With Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Robert F. Kennedy Jr,
Boyd Haley PhD, Jay Gordon MD and Jerry Kartzinel MD

Videos available at: http://www.generationrescue.org/green-our-vaccines.html

Boyd Haley: The last time I came here, I think there were about two-hundred and fifty people.  This is truly amazing, and I’d like to thank Jim and Jenny for doing this—I mean, they’ve made it possible.  But I would be amiss if I didn’t point out that there are a lot of people around here, with green shirts on, that have been leading and fighting this, you know, probably for ten years, and the sad aspect is it wasn’t the American Medical Association, or the American Society of Psychiatrists, or any other major medical association that drug me into this, or even called attention to the increase in autism.  It was the beautiful parents of these autistic children who have been fighting, and now they’re winning.  A lot of people wonder what we’re doing here today, and I can’t speak for every parent here, but I’m here for two basic reasons:  number one, there have been many children severely damaged; I’m here to do justice for those children.  [speaker interjects, “Louder, Billy, louder.  To speaker:] Okay—oh, okay.  I’m a quiet-spoken person, but I can get mad, then I start screaming.  Okay.  But—but the second reason is we need a safe vaccine program.  I’m not anti-vaccine: I vaccinate all my animals, my children.  We need safe vaccines.  We need a thoughtful program, and science is out there showing that what we’re doing today is not safe, it is not the best way, and yet you can’t convince the bureaucrats that the CDC is to take any action.  Yes.  The other thing is, I’m here to talk about science, and I gotta be in a hurry, and I’m not going to tell—I’m preaching to the choir here—but I want to talk to the journalists standing here, because you’re a big part of the problem.  You’ve allowed the CDC to hijack what is perceived as the science of autism.  There hasn’t been one publication ever published where thymarisol was tested against a living cell, a living animal, where it wasn’t found to be severely toxic—psytotoxic and neurotoxic—and yet you can go in there and they’ll tell you, “Oh, we know it’s not connected.”  Why don’t you go read the papers?  Why don’t you go read the science, or get your science people to do this?  What the science has shown: autistic children represent a subset of the population that cannot effectively excrete mercury.  You never hear the CDC even mention mercury retention as a retention toxicity.  We have biochemical tests that we can do that will show that children are mercury-toxic, well accepted by every aspect of science, used in rat studies, monkey studies, et cetera.  The autistic children have this same signal—they are mercury-toxic.  Uniformly, we’ve seen that they suffer from oxidative stress—Dr. Jill James has done studies on this—we know these children are suffered from oxidative stress, and nothing will bring on oxidative stress faster than heavy metal toxicity started or caused by mercury.  So we need to do that.  And now, at the end of this, we say, “Well, we’re here,” and we all know, you guys have heard me talk, you’ve seen my tapes, and we’ve been fighting this for a long time.  I’ve never been—I’ve never met anybody from the CDC.  They’ve never asked me to come in and talk to them—or the FDA, or anyone else involved in this.  They—they’re [unintelligible].  So, there’s one thing we can do.  This is an election year, and Dan Burton—Congressman Burton—just told me this is something we have to emphasize.  Get to the people that are running for office—make them promise to form a blue-ribbon committee of scientists who can look at this data and tell the CDC just how wrong they are.  We just need an honest—[crowd cheers]  And I would suggest to you:  you have to get politically active, or nothing will happen.  The science is totally on your side.  If you think about it, on the day of birth, we injected, directly into a young baby, the amount of mercury that would be toxic if they were eating fish on the Pharaoh Islands and weighted two-hundred and seventy-five pounds—and we say this wouldn’t cause any damage?  You would be shocked if it didn’t, if you were doing the same experiment on a rat.  So I’m asking you:  get politically active, call your congressman that’s elected right now, and tell him you want to see some action, you want to see an honest evaluation, not by Boyd Haley—‘cause he might be prejudiced a bit—but the CDC’s even more prejudiced because—I don’t make any money off of this, I don’t get involved in this, I didn’t make the decision.  We need to resolve this issue scientifically, and in an honest fashion, with people that have absolutely one-hundred percent credibility.  Thank you.



Jenny McCarthy

Transcript of the Green Our Vaccine Rally

Washington, DC

June 4th, 2008

Videos available at: http://www.generationrescue.org/green-our-vaccines.html

With Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Robert F. Kennedy Jr,

Boyd Haley PhD, Jay Gordon MD and Jerry Kartzinel MD




Jim Carrey:  Now I have the pleasure of introducing the lady I share my life with.  She doesn’t want me to build her up too much, so I’ll just say one thing:  the source of all that is good is doing some of its best work through her; and I’m honored to stand behind her.  Please welcome Jenny.

Jenny McCarthy: [crowd cheering] Guess what!  We’re not at the Marriott.  We’re not at the Hyatt.  This isn’t a convention, you guys—we are here, we are here in our nation’s capitol.  Today, I would like to welcome parents and relatives who have come all over the country.  They held bake sales to raise money for plane tickets to be here.  They drove buses from city to city, picking up parents along the way.  Today, I am not the keynote speaker.  Today, I am not the celebrity.  Today, I am the mom of a child who had autism, who has a voice that is willing to shake the ground of those responsible until all of our children are safe from harm.  Pediatricians, you know, take an oath, by the way, when they graduate from medical school.  They really do.  They take an oath to do no harm.  Well, harm has been done.  If you take a look at the history of medicine, this lie has been told before.  Do you remember when smoking was actually good for our health?  Do you remember when autism was blamed on lazy mothers?  We were known as “refrigerator mothers:” cold and uncaring to our children.  Well, take a look around.  I believe science was wrong yet again.  Since last September, I’ve traveled to thirty cities across the country and spoke to nearly fifty-thousand parents face-to-face.  And they all say the same two things to me, the first being, “Thank you, because now people don’t think I’m crazy.”  The second being, “I’ve vaccinated my baby, and he stopped speaking.  Why won’t anyone believe us?”  Even though we do believe vaccines played a major role in our children’s autism, I’d like the media here today to send a message out, loud and clear.  This is not an anti-vaccine rally.  This is not an anti-vaccine group.  We are an intelligent group of parents that acknowledge that vaccines have saved many lives… but the ingredients, like the frickin’ mercury, the ether, the aluminum, the anti-freeze, need to be removed immediately, after we saw the devastating effects it took on our children.  And the fact that the medical community, you know, has come out and said over and over again that mercury has been removed from all the vaccines, it is a lie.  According to the FDA, there are eleven shots that still contain mercury.  Run that on the nightly news, will ya?  When they say there are only trace amounts of mercury, most people don’t know that those trace amounts are above toxic levels for drinking water.  I want parents across the country to realize the only reason—parents who are watching this—the only reason we’ve been shouting and screaming is because we don’t want any more members to join our club.  Parents need to know what is being injected into their child.  Parents need to know to not vaccinate when a child is sick, ‘cause the doctors aren’t telling them.  People need to know that there has never been any safety testing on combinations of vaccines, and yet doctors are giving eight shots at once.  Parents need to know it’s called a “recommended” schedule, not a “mandatory” schedule.  I want to empower parents to educate themselves and take safety back into their own hands.  I know Jim had mentioned the analogy of the canary in the coal mine, and I love it.  Everyone, you know, just parents of kids who have autism, needs to seriously pay attention to their warning.  These children are trying so hard, you guys, trying so hard to show us how to live in a cleaner world.  These kids are here for a reason:  to teach us to eat better, clean up the air, get rid of toxins, because they can’t survive.  I know, I really do know, that this is their main purpose, and I pray that we all start to wake up and collectively change this world into the new world our kids are working so hard to create.  Because these canaries will save the world.  All right, to all you families out there, I am going—look at your tears, you’re so sweet—I’m going to give this moment to you right now.  It’s your moment in the media.  I’ve been kind of your speaker, and person shouting loudest on the speck, but I’ve been doing it for you these past few months, and I wanted to give you today back to you.  So I’m going to have everyone here take a picture of their child, and turn around and face the media, please—and I’ll join you—and show them, show the world the reason we’re here today.  And I’m gonna play a song for us.  [song plays.  Then, so son:] “You’re gonna pull me out—I’ll be right there.”



[to crowd]  That was beautiful, you guys.  I know in my heart, someday this era will be marked as a time in history when a group of parents fought the giants to help save their babies and future generations.  Margaret Mead, the late great sociologist, once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the thing only thing that ever has.”  Thank you!  God bless you all.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Captive Agency Phenomenon and Government Fraud
Transcript From: Green Our Vaccines Rally

8500 families
Washington, DC
June 4th, 2008 

With Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Robert F. Kennedy Jr,
Boyd Haley PhD, Jay Gordon MD and Jerry Kartzinel MD

Videos available at: http://www.generationrescue.org/green-our-vaccines.html



Robert F. Kennedy, JR.:  Thank you very much.  I’m so happy to see all of you out here today, finally telling the truth to this congress which needs to hear the truth for the first time, and as Boyd Haley says, the press isn’t telling it to them.  You know, the one exception is UPI, that has done a great job, and we need to give them an applause for what they’ve done, ‘cause they’re the only media outlet that is telling the truth on this issue.  I didn’t want to get involved in this issue, I got dragged into this issue because the truth became undeniable to me—and I was working on mercury issues from an environmental standpoint:  coal burning power plants which discharged an enormous amount of mercury, and about eight years ago, the EPA said that in nineteen states, because of mercury discharge from power plants, it is now unsafe to eat any freshwater fish in the state.  In forty-nine states, at least some of the fish are unsafe to eat because of mercury.  In fact, the only state where all the fish are still safe to eat is Wyoming—Dick Cheney’s home state, where the republican-controlled legislature has refused to appropriate the money to test the fish.   In all the other states, at least some, most, or all the fish are unsafe to eat.  Every state on the Atlantic coast has fish advisories; every state in the Gulf coast now has fish advisories; if you eat tuna fish, the FDA will warn you not to eat too much of it; swordfish, all these fish, and why?  Because it causes neurological injury in children.  So the government scientists are acknowledging that even tiny, infinitesimal amounts of mercury—parts per billion—will cause profound neurological injury in children.  And I was working on these issues, and mothers started coming up to me and said, “You know, the biggest exposure is not coming from power plants, or old mining claims, or old mining claims, as you might think.  It’s coming from our own vaccines.”  And they asked me to work on it, and to just look into it.  And they were not hysterical people.  They were scientists, they were doctors, they were psychiatrists, they were pharmacists, they were people that had their feet on the ground.  They had attended the conferences, they had read the scientific literature, they had calmly and deliberately gone through this, and they had reached a conclusion.  And the conclusion was that the vaccines were destroying the health, were making the sickest generation of American children in the history of our country.  And I started looking into it, and somebody provided me with the Simpsonwood memo, which I then published in Rolling Stone.  Simpsonwood was the transcripts of a secret meeting that was held between CDC and seventy-five representatives of the vaccine industry, in which they reviewed a report that CDC had ordered, the Stratton study of the hundred-thousand children in the United States Vaccine Safety Database.  And when they looked at it themselves, they said, “it is impossible—” this is a quote, “It is impossible to massage this data to make the signal go away.  There is no denying that there is a connection between and Thimerosal in the vaccines.  And they said—this is what they said, I didn’t say this, this is their own scientists, their own conclusion of the best doctors, the top people at CDC, the top people in the pharmaceutical industry.  And, you know, when they had this meeting, they had it not in Atlanta, which was the headquarters of the CDC, but at Simpsonwood, at a private conference center, because they believed that that would make them able to insulate themselves from a court request under the Freedom of Information law, and they would not have to disclose the transcripts of these meetings to the public.  Somebody transcribed the meetings, and we were able to get a hold of it.  You have them talking about the Verstratten study and saying there’s a clear link not just with autism but with a whole range of neurological disorders:  speech delay, language delay.  All kind of learning disorders:  ADD; hyperactivity disorder and the injection of these vaccines [sic].  And they could tell because, as you know, vaccine protocols were dramatically increased—when I was a little boy, we only got three vaccines.  But my children, five of my six children, got twenty-two vaccines.  Beginning in 1989—that’s the Thimerosal generation.  That’s the vaccine generation, and it’s the sickest generation in the history of this country.  And I looked at these, I read, and I was astonished, because I have worked on environmental issues for twenty-five years, and I know what “captive agency phenomena” is.  It’s the dynamic by which the regulatory agencies become captured by the industries they’re supposed to regulate.  And there’s all kinds of mechanisms that encourage that, or provoke that, or promote that to happen.  But I was shocked, because I know many of these people in CDC, and I know the people in the FDA, and I know that when they entered those agencies, they entered with a good heart, intending to do the right thing.  But something had corrupted them.  They got sucked into a vortex because they made decisions that were wrong, and instead of admitting it to the public, they covered it up to protect themselves.  And it was very clear, and then I got a hold of the correspondence between the doctors and between CDC, rebuking each other and saying, “why didn’t we look at this?  Why didn’t somebody do a mass loading before we did these, approved these protocols with twenty-two vaccines to these children?  Why didn’t we do this?”  Rebuking themselves, rebuking each other.  And then, the Simpsonwood transcripts, after the first, maybe two hours in which they’re talking about the undeniability of the connection between autism and Thimerosal; the impossibility of massaging the data further in order to try and eliminate those signals.  That’s what they spend the first two hours.  The rest of the meeting they spend talking about, “how do we hide this,” from the press, from the public, and from what they call the “predatory bar:” all the lawyers out there who may represent people who were injured by their negligence.  And the end of that meeting, they make a few decisions.  One is, for Stratton, the man who designed, who constructed the study, is hired the next day by GlaxoSmithKline and shipped off to Switzerland.  And six months later, he sends in a redesigned study that includes cohorts that are—predictably—who are too young to have been diagnosed as autistic.  So he loads the study down, the data down, and they tell the public that they’ve lost all the original data.  This is what CDC says to this day, that it does not know what happened to the original data in the Verstratton study.  And they publish this other study that is a corrupt and crooked what we call “tobacco science,” done by a bunch of “biostitutes, of crooked scientists who are trying to fool the American public.  Then Kathleen Stratton, of CDC and IOM,  says, “what we need is, we need some studies that will disprove the link.”  So, they work with the vaccine industry to gin up these four phony European studies that are done by vaccine industry employees, funded by the vaccine industry, and published in the American Academy of Pediatrics magazine, which receives eighty percent of its revenue from the vaccine industry.  And none of these scientists disclose any of their myriad conflicts, which conventional ethics rules require them to do.  It’s not disclosed.  And these studies—and you know, I’ve made a profession of reading phony science, of junk science, of “tobacco science,” because I see it every day.  I’ve sued over four-hundred polluters, and this how they defend themselves.  They hire these phony scientists, “tobacco scientists,” they produce these phony reports—so I know how to read them.  So I did something that not a single member—you see the press here, and all there?—not a single member of this press corps, I can guarantee you, has ever read any of those studies.  It has not happened.  What they read was the CDC’s description of those studies, which has nothing to do with what’s in the studies.  And you need to read these studies—and I’m talking to you guys, and you need to read them critically, and that woman, I called that woman who wrote that TIME magazine article, and I called the editor of The Washington Post when they said, you know, “well, this is the newest mythology, they’ve removed the Thimerisal from the vaccines and autism rates have not gone down.”  How many times have you read that repeated by these people from the press?  That is an industry talking point that the industry knows is a lie—everybody knows that’s a lie.  The amount of Thimerisal today in the flu vaccines is about sixty percent of what they claim to have removed from all the other pediatric vaccines.  So, I looked at these, I read these studies, and I saw studies that weren’t even good—that wasn’t even high-quality fraud.  It is low—these are low quality fraud, the worst—I mean, anybody, you don’t even need a scientist to advise you and tell you where the fraud is.  And I’ll tell you what they—I’ll  just tell you what one of them, the big one that they all rely on, the Danish study, where they said, okay, in 1992, Denmark banned Thimarosal.  And after that, autism rates continued to climb.  Therefore, there is no association between autism and Thimerosal.  That’s the study.  What they didn’t tell you is that in 1992, Denmark was concerned about the connection between Thimerisal and autism, and about this huge rise in autism, and it began for the first time requiring registering autism as a reported illness in Denmark.  So all the people who had autistic children suddenly had to register them for the first time.  Plus, in Copenhagen, they founded a new clinic to treat autistic kids, which gave people a huge financial incentive and health incentive to register their children.  So it’s the registry that went up, not the incidents of autism that went up.  But they didn’t say that in the study.  They never mention the Copenhagen clinic.  They never mention the change in the rules in Denmark.  They just show you the graphs, of Thimerisal is banned here, and autism continues to go up.  Well, the reason the autism rates rose was because—was an artifact of their data collection processes.  It had nothing to do with the reality on the ground of the occurrence of autism.  So, and you’ve heard all of their other studies, and you know, they all have this guy Paul Offit.  You guys know him?  And he is the poster child for the term “biostitute.”  This a man who has made himself the spokesperson for the vaccine industry.  He portrays himself as an independent scientist, he does not disclose the millions of dollars of transactions.

[break, affected teenager has seizure in the crowd]

Let me just close up by saying this, that—and I started out by saying this—that, you know, they, these people, one of the worst crimes that they’ve done—and, you know, I’ve talked to The New York Times, and I said, you know, “you guys had Judith Miller, you know, talking for a year about the Iraq War, and saying how what a great thing it is and covering up the truth from the government spokespeople.”  And I said, “there’s no difference what you’re doing, and then you had to come out and apologize,” and the Times publically apologized for that.  And I said, “you’re going to have to apologize for this someday, for what you’ve done here.  Because what you’ve done here, that war’s going to cost us three trillion dollars, but the treatment of these children, and cost to our society, from what you have done, from what you are doing to this generation of children, is going to far exceed the cost of the Iraq War.”  And somebody is going to  have to come to terms with that, and ultimately, the American press has completely let down our democracy.  And one of the things you see repeated again and again, is that these are, that the women, you know, who claim that their children—and I’ve gotten now hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of letters, and that’s not hyperbole, that’s not exaggeration, from women who had the exact same experience.  They bring a perfectly normal two-year old, who’s exceeded all of their milestones, to the doctor to get—who they trust—to get their pediatric flu shots, their MMR vaccines at the age of two.  They get that shot, the child goes into seizure, develops a fever that night, and over the next three months loses her or his ability to speak, to interact with his brothers and sisters, engages in stereotypical behavior—head-banging screaming, biting—and lose all capacity for social interaction.  And they’ve lost this child, and they watch it happen, and it’s happened thousands and thousands of times, and you hear that story once or twice, and you say, “well, maybe it’s an anomaly,” but you hear it a hundred times, and you have to say, “we’ve got to start looking at this.”  And nobody—the CDC had said, “no, we’re not going to look at it, we’re going to cut off all funds to anybody that wants to look at it.”  Why isn’t the press asking that question?  Why aren’t they asking CDC, “why don’t you study the Amish, like UPI did?  You know, why don’t you study these home-schooled kids?”  Thirty-thousand studied by the UPI, and no autism in that group.  They studied all the Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  There’s only—there should be a hundred and thirty autistic kids.  There are four.  And three of them were adopted after receiving their vaccines, and the fourth one lived downwind of a coal-burning power plant.  So we know what the truth is, and what we’ve got to stop doing is blaming the mothers, which is what they’ve done.  These are not hysterical women.  These are people I—you know, I have a child who has allergies, life-threatening anaphylactic allergies, and asthma.  My wife knows better than any doctor.  She can put her hands on that boy and she knows what’s wrong with him.  She knows if his chest is tightening up, she knows exactly what allergen triggered his allergy. She knows what’s gone wrong with that child, and these mothers know what made their child sick.  Anyway, keep fighting, and ultimately we’ll get these people to move, too.  You’ve got to not just show up here, this is a really important rally, you’ve got to contact your congresspeople and make sure they understand this issue and that they’re going to operate, and let’s not let them go one more day without some legislation banning this stuff and getting it out. 



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