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Evidence: Top Media Articles (next page)
As ranked by Generation Rescue, below are the Top Media Articles that describe the evidence linking mercury and many neurological, developmental, auto-immune, and related health issues. To read or print an article in full, please click on the article name.
1.  Toxic Tipping Point
Mother Jones Magazine
By Andrea Rock
March-April 2004
2.  Autism and Informed Inoculation Parts I-V
WXYZ TV (ABC - Detroit)
By Steve Wilson
December 2003-February 2004
3.  The Rise Against Mercury
Seed Magazine
By Sarah Bridges
May 2004
4.  A Dragon By the Tail
byronchild Magazine
By Lisa Reagan
March 7, 2005
5.  Generation Hg? Is Autism Puzzle Solved?
The Hook (Charlottesville, VA)
By Coy Barefoot and Alison Bell
April 7, 2005
6.  Mercury-based Preservative in Vaccines May Be Putting Infants at Poisoning Risk
am New York
By Adam Hutton
March 9, 2005
7.  Trade-Off: Vaccine Maker Profits - Autism
Independent Media TV
By: Evelyn Pringle
March 04, 2005
8.  Autism Linked to Mercury Vaccine
The London Times
By Rosie Waterhouse
May 27, 2001
9.  UPI Investigates: The Vaccine Conflict
United Press International
By Mark Benjamin
July 21, 2003
10.  A Mercury Muddle
First Coast News
By Melissa Ross
February 25, 2005