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Evidence: Top Media Articles
11.  Autism Equals Mercury Poisoning - A Mother's Story
Sierra Times
By Evelyn Pringle
February 20, 2005
12.  The Not-So-Crackpot Autism Theory
Sunday New York Times Magazine
By Arthur Allen
November 10, 2002
13.  Risks of Thimerosal Real, Scientifically Documented
Sunday News Leader
By Dr. Alan Clark
April 25, 2004
14.  Missing the Mercury Menace?
National Journal
By Neil Munro
January 3, 2004
15.  CDC Finally Takes Action on Dangers of Common Childhood Vaccines
Niagra Falls Reporter
By John Hanchette
February 28, 2005
16.  CDC Study Raises Level of Suspicion
Insight on the News
By Kelly Patricia O'Meara
February 17, 2004
17.  Autism in a Needle?
In These Times
By Annette Fuentes
November 11, 2003
18.  Bush Puppets Push For New Law to Protect Drug Companies
Independent Media TV
Evelyn Pringle
February 7, 2005
19.  Thimerosal Debate Could Affect Flu Supply
First Coast News
By Melissa Ross
May 7, 2004