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Evidence: Top TV News Stories
The pace of news stories on autism and mercury is accelerating in 2005, particularly amongst local news stations, as the truth becomes revealed to a wider audience.
06/01/05 "Good Morning Cleveland", WEWS-TV (ABC) - Cleveland, OH view  
05/26/05 "KY3 Ozarks Today", KYTV-TV (NBC) - Springfield, MO view  
05/26/05 "Fox 59 News", WXIN-TV (FOX) - Indianapolis, IN view  
05/25/05 "News 13 at 4:30", KRQE-TV (CBS) - Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM view  
05/25/05 "Mornings On Two", KTVU-TV (FOX) - San Francisco, CA view  
05/25/05 "The Noon News", KTVU-TV (FOX) - San Francisco, CA view  
05/25/05 "KY3 News at Ten", KYTV-TV (NBC) - Springfield, MO view  
05/25/05 "Fox 8 News at 6PM", WJW-TV (FOX) - Cleveland, OH view  
05/25/05 "Fox 59 News at Ten", WXIN-TV (FOX) - Indianapolis, IN view  
05/24/05 "The Six O'Clock News", KTVU (FOX) - San Francisco, CA
05/24/05 "The Ten O'Clock News", WFLX (FOX) - West Palm Beach, FL
05/24/05 "News 12 at 6:00", WPEC (CBS) - West Palm Beach, FL
02/21/05 KNTV (NBC) - San Jose, CA
June "Autism and Mercury" - CBS News Weekend Edition view  
May "Moms Against Mercury", KTWB (WB) - Seattle, WA view  
May "Dangerous Mercury", WXLV (ABC) - Greensboro, NC view