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Fact #30 There is a group of qualified physicians, following the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) Protocol and/or other mercury detoxification approaches, who are successfully reversing the symptoms of autistic children. This treatment focuses on the removal of mercury from their bodies and the replacement of the essential vitamins and minerals displaced by mercury. In doing so, the spark that creates all of the damage is removed, lost essential vitamins and minerals are replaced, and the child's functioning and health are restored.
Dr. Stephanie Cave:
"Our medical training did not adequately prepare us for this challenge. We learned little about testing for heavy metals and even less about treating. The word 'chelation' is not in the vocabulary of most physicians. The few physicians who are treating these children are inundated with them in their practices. The good news is that they are responding well to the chelation treatment. The changes in neurological functioning are remarkable with each day of treatment."
Dr. Rashid Buttar:
"But most relevant to us for the purposes of this [Congressional] hearing is that mercury has clearly been shown to cause a denudation of neurofibrils resulting in direct damage to the neuronal cells. In addition, mercury exposure leads to many secondary clinical problems resulting from the aforementioned mechanisms of damage, such as immuno-suppression, allowing for opportunistic infections, allergies, GI dysbiosis, etc. Addressing all other issues in children with Autism is analogous to attempting to put out fires without addressing the cause of the fire itself. The fire will keep re-igniting unless the 'spark' is eliminated. It is the elimination of the 'spark', i.e. mercury, for which we now have an easy and effective solution. Along with some supportive therapies, Autism and certain other chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's can be fully and permanently reversed if appropriately treated. This is NOT theory. It has already been clinically validated on a repetitive basis."
Fact #31  Chelation therapy is safe and effective and has been used to treat heavy metal poisoning in children and adults for decades.
This is the coverage position on chelation therapy from CIGNA, one of the country's largest insurance companies:
"CIGNA Healthcare considers chelation therapy medically necessary in the following conditions: arsenic, mercury, iron, copper or gold poisoning when long-term exposure to and toxicity has been confirmed through lab results (i.e., blood, plasma, and/or urine results) or clinical findings (i.e., symptoms consistent with metal toxicity)"
This is the coverage position on chelation therapy from Blue Cross, one of the country's largest insurance companies:
"Chelation Therapy may be considered medically necessary for the treatment of documented systemic iron overload, lead poisoning, or other heavy metal toxicity..."
The National Institute of Health recently announced a $30 million clinical trial for 2,300 patients of chelation therapy for the treatment of heart disease, representing the acceptance of chelation therapy by our mainstream medical institutions.
Fact #32 Thousands of parents, hundreds of doctors, and dozens of scientists, and several Congressmen believe that Autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS, ADD/ADHD, and many learning disabilities and other health issues are nothing more than mercury poisoning. When the mercury is removed, most or all of the symptoms resolve.
Old Paradigm: "Mercury may or may not be one of the causes of autism. Once you have autism, it is life long. Autism is genetic. Treatment is behavioral therapy with a psychologist or social worker. Prognosis for recovery is poor."
New Paradigm: "Mercury causes mercury poisoning, which has been mislabeled as autism. Mercury poisoning can be resolved by removing the mercury. Mercury poisoning is an issue of toxicology. Treatment is the removal of mercury through a process called chelation. Prognosis for recovery is very good."
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