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Fact #26  Our medical authorities have yet to offer a plausible explanation for the autism epidemic.
While it is readily accepted that autism is at epidemic proportions, the mainstream medical community and the federal institutions entrusted with protecting our health have yet to provide any plausible explanation for the cause of the epidemic. They have agreed to remove Thimerosal from vaccines but continue to deny that any connection exists.
Fact #27 Children who are "autistic" have a much higher mercury burden in their bodies than their neurotypical peers.
A study br Dr. Jeff Bradstreet et.al. concluded:
"This study shows a strong association between increased urinary mercury concentration following three days of treatment with DMSA [a chelation agent or medication that removes heavy metals from the body] and the presence of an autism spectrum disorder."
Fact #28 Children who are "autistic" have very high levels of other toxins in their body that also do damage.
Mercury is the most toxic metal known to man behind plutonium and is the primary cause of the neurodevelopmental issues that are epidemic today. It is capable of causing widespread damage in the body. While mercury is not the direct cause of all of the symptoms, it is the seed that sets off a cascade of damage in the body. Mercury progressively kills neurons in the brain and damages the central nervous system leading to a wide range of neurological, cognitive, and sensory dysfunctions. Mercury displaces specific, essential vitamins and minerals, the loss of which go on to create their own damage in the brain, immune, hormonal, and virtually every other system in the body. Mercury damages the gastro-intestinal track leading to dysbiosis (imbalance of good and bad bacteria), yeast overgrowth, leaky gut, lower immune levels, and auto-immune reactions. Mercury impairs the detoxification system allowing all other toxins and metals (including lead, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum) which are ubiquitous in our environment, to accumulate and do damage in the body. In fact, most parents who chelate their children report extremely high levels of other toxic metals coming out of their children's bodies before mercury starts to appear on toxic metals excretion tests. The fact that other heavy metals are present in large quantities does not change the treatment protocol: chelate the toxic metals out of their system.
Fact #29 It is possible for a child to become mercury toxic and be diagnosed autistic without being vaccinated.
While rare, some children labeled autistic were never vaccinated. Mercury is ubiquitous in our environment and can enter a child's body through many different routes. Unvaccinated children typically receive their mercury load in vitro due to a toxic mother. The primary sources of mercury in these cases would include: vaccines the mother has received, particularly any she receives while pregnant (RhoGham or flu); dental amalgams; fish consumption; and other environmental factors like living in the line of a coal-burning plants emissions. Regrdless of mercury source, the treatment approach is the same.
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