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Hall of Fame
1. Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
Autism Research Institute

Dr. Rimland is the father of an autistic son and, in 1964, authored , the book widely credited with changing the field of psychiatry from its claim that autism is an emotional illness, caused by unemotional mothers, to its more current recognition that autism is a biological disorder. In 1967, Dr. Rimland founded the Autism Research Institute. In 1995, Dr. Rimland founded DAN!, Defeat Autism Now!, a growing confederation of Doctors committed to treating autism through biomedical means. The "DAN protocol" has become the standard for treating autistic children and has provided parents and doctors with the means to recover thousands of children. Dr. Rimland has created the foundation for the world to understand the true cause of autism and his selflessness, perseverance, and love has contributed to the betterment of thousands of children's lives. We deeply mourn Dr. Rimland’s recent passing.

2. Lyn Redwood, R.N., Sallie Bernard, Mark Blaxill, Albert Enayati, Elizabeth Birt
Founders and Directors

SafeMinds has singularly changed the debate about mercury, autism, and vaccines at the highest levels of government. These individuals, parents of autistic children, channeled their grief into selflessly aiding future generations of children by making their voice heard before Congress, sponsoring and doing critical research, and aligning themselves with open-minded political leaders to effect change. Their battle, still ongoing, has been recorded in detail in a great book, Evidence of Harm. We mourn the loss of Elizabeth Birt.

3. Dr. Amy Holmes & Dr. Stephanie Cave
DAN! Doctors

In the late 1990s, Dr. Amy Holmes and Dr. Stephanie Cave were among the first clinicians to treat autistic children using chelation. They have successfully recovered hundreds of autistic children through detoxification and their willingness to share their experiences and protocols with the wider network of DAN! Doctors has helped thousands of children. Their treatment success led to a DAN! Summit that created the first consensus paper on mercury detoxification, the most recent version of which is available here.

4. Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Gastroenterologist, Doctor
Thoughtful House Center For Children

Dr. Wakefield was a physician and researcher working at the Royal Free Hospital in London when he published the results of a study in Lancet, a British medical journal, demonstrating that many autistic children have the live measles virus from the MMR vaccine imbedded in their intestinal walls. The study, which has since been independently replicated, was controversial and widely attacked because it implicated the MMR vaccine in autism. Dr. Wakefield left the Royal Free School to continue his work in understanding the biomedical origins of autism and he is now a founder and doctor with The Thoughtful House, an Austin, Texas-based treatment center for autism and other neurological disorders.

5. Dr. Jacquelyn McCandless
DAN! Doctor & Author
Children With Starving Brains

Dr. McCandless is a DAN! Doctor, the grandmother of an autistic granddaughter, and the author of an important book, Children With Starving Brains, that provides parents with a clear and concise overview of the biomedical approach to treating autism. Dr. McCandless has dedicated her time to carrying a full patient load and training other doctors in the DAN! Protocol to help expand the network of available doctors.

6. Boyd Haley, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky

Professor Haley is arguably the most knowledgeable chemist in the country regarding mercury. His clear, thoughtful, feisty testimony and writings regarding mercury form a solid body of evidence to help refute many arguments presented by mainstream health authorities on the "safety" of mercury in vaccines. As an example of Professor Haley's work, here is a recent transcript of his testimony before the Kentucky Assembly.

7. Dr. Amy Yasko
Researcher and Naturopath

Dr. Yasko’s approach to treating children has many similarities to DAN!, but focuses treatment on the specific genes of the child, providing a roadmap that some parents believe is more customized. Her approach is also more focused on the removal of viruses and bacteria from the child’s body. Learn more through her website, Holistic Health, her parent discussion group, and her book, The Puzzle of Autism: Putting it all Together.

8. Dr. Jim Neubrander
DAN! Doctor, New Jersey

Dr. Neubrander is the innovator of "Methyl B12 shots" now being used successfully to improve the symptoms of many autistic children. Dr. Neubrander's innovation of adding B12, a critical vitamin, subcutaneously (in a small shot) has allowed the vitamin to contribute to the methylation cycle of autistic children. B12, a critical "methyl donor", is very difficult for children to inject through their often-damaged guts. For more information on Methyl B12 and specific details around the appropriate protocol to follow, visit: www.drneubrander.com.

9. Andy Cutler, Ph.D.
Amalgam Illness

Andy Cutler is the author of Amalgam Illness and one of the foremost authorities on mercury toxicity and chelation therapy. He can often be found posting on the well-known Yahoo discussion group, Autism-Mercury. His selfless guidance and expertise has helped thousands of parents successfully treat their children.

10. Deirdre & Don Imus
Activist and Radio Personality

Don is the former host of Imus in the Morning and has emerged as a fiery beacon of truth, demonstrating his relentlessness and integrity in demanding that the truth be revealed on the relationship between Thimerosal and autism. Among many great quotes, Don Imus recently stated, "You don't have to be a doctor to know that a neurotoxin has to do something. If it doesn't cause autism, which I personally think it does, but if it doesn't, it must do something." Behind the scenes, his wife is the clear champion of this cause, educating her husband every step of the way, and has made it her duty to get the truth to the world on what is being done to our children. Deirdre & Don Imus are credited with providing the public pressure to ensure the passage of the Combating Autism Act.

11. Dr. Rashid Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
Vice Chairman
American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology

Dr. Buttar is a board-certified toxicologist and remains in clinical practice treating autistic children for heavy metal poisoning. His testimony before Congress in May 2004 and his development of a safer and simpler, transdermal form of DMPS (TD-DMPS) created a surge in the number of parents treating their children for mercury poisoning. Dr. Buttar is an outspoken critic of the IOM, CDC, FDA, and any other health agency that has contributed to the obfuscation of the connection between mercury and the autism epidemic.

12. Lujene G. Clark & Dr. Alan Clark
No Mercury

These parents of a mercury poisoned child have worked tirelessly to promote awareness of the dangers of mercury in vaccines and are dedicated to supporting state legislation banning the use of mercury in vaccines for children and pregnant women. Lujene Clark has testified before and lobbied many state governments to help educate on the dangers of mercury. At this time, Iowa and California have passed laws to ban Thimerosal in vaccines and 15 or more states have similar legislation pending. We mourn the passing of Dr. Alan Clark.

13. Barbara Loe Fisher
President and co-founder
National Vaccine Information Center

Ms. Fischer is the cofounder and President of the NVIC, an organization dedicated to providing parents with the truth about vaccinations, their risks, and their trade-offs. She is also the author of DPT: A Shot In the Dark. Ms. Fisher has been instrumental in raising awareness that vaccines are a serious medical procedure and that their administration should take into account the unique attributes of each child. She has been a tireless advocate of reforming the current national vaccination program and encouraging parents to know their rights and ask the right questions prior to vaccinating their child. Learn more about vaccines in On Vaccines.

14. Dave Weldon, M.D.
U.S. Congressman (R-FL)

Congressman Weldon has worked alongside Congressman Burton to push for reform and review of the link between Thimerosal and autism. The CDC's recent decision to separate their vaccine implementation and vaccine safety monitoring divisions was largely due to Congressman Weldon's pressure. As a physician, Congressman Weldon has used his standing in the medical community to further lawmakers' understanding of the mercury-autism connection.

15. David Kirby
Evidence of Harm - Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy

David Kirby is a New York Times contributing writer and the author of Evidence of Harm, a recent book that profiles the facts behind the proliferation of vaccines during the 1990s, the epidemic number of autism cases, the cover-up at the CDC and FDA, and the personalities on both sides of the issue. In particular, his book focuses on the experiences of Lyn Redwood, President of SafeMinds, and mother of an autistic child, in her fight against mercury in vaccines.

16. Stan Kurtz
Parent and Biomedical Treatment Innovator

Stan Kurtz is dad to 5-year-old Ethan, who recovered from an autism diagnosis. He innovated the MB12 Nasal Spray therapy, and his research continues to highlight the collective relationship between viruses, fungus, bacteria and mercury in children with autism. He moderates the Yahoo! autism parent group MB12Valtrex. Stan has published many recovery videos including a groundbreaking video of a 23 year old with ADHD attached to an EEG showing a lack of brainwave synchronicity that recovers in minutes after taking MB12 Nasal Spray. He is the owner of Children's Corner School in Van Nuys, California, a unique school that focuses on research and health as a foundation for child development.

17. Dan Burton
United States Congressman (R-IN)

Congressman Burton, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Congressional Subcommittee on Health & Wellness, has convened numerous hearings on the topic of mercury and autism. His Subcommitte's report, Mercury In Medicine: Taking Unnecessary Risks, published in the Congressional Record, spelled out in detail how the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies contributed to the autism epidemic. He remains a tireless advocate of revealing the true cause of the autism epidemic to the public. Congressman Burton is the grandfather of an autistic child.

18. Ann Brasher
Discussion Group Moderator

Known affectionately as "Anagrammy", Ann Brasher is the devoted moderator of one of the Web's most important discussion groups, chelatingkids2. Her daily commitment to helping parents through the endless details of treating their children has contributed to the healing of thousands of children. She is also the grandmother of two ASD children, one recovered and one recovering.

19. Lenny Schafer
Publisher, The Schafer Autism Report

Lenny Schafer is the father of an autistic child and publisher of The Schafer Autism Report, the most widely-read and comprehensive newsletter in the autism community. Mr. Schafer’s commitment to the autism community has kept us all informed and active. He is also the moderator of the discussion group, Evidence of Harm, where many activists in the autism community gather.