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New Medical Publication Reports Delpro Capsules Help Children With Autism Suffering from Bowel Problems

For more, read the full article, “Improvements in Gastrointestinal Symptoms among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) receiving Delpro Probiotic and Immunomodulation Formation” in The Journal of Probiotics and Health (Volume 1, Issue 1) here. 


Autism and more specifically autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are disorders of brain development characterized by difficulties in communication, social interaction and repetitive disorder. Individuals with autism often have issues with motor coordination, and disturbances in both sleep and gastrointestinal function.


In June 2013, The Journal of Probiotics and Health published the results of our Delpro research project conducted in conjunction with Generation Rescue, an international non-profit organization located in Sherman Oaks, California. Generation Rescue is a resource for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) .. Miss Jenny McCarthy, Hollywood model and actress, has supported Generation Rescue since her son was diagnosed with autism in 2005. The foundation is an excellent resource for ASD children, their parents, and health professionals interested in better understanding autism. Currently, an estimated 1 in 50 newborns will suffer from some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


In the article, we note that, “Children with ASD frequently exhibit gastrointestinal (GI) distress. They often have deficiencies of beneficial intestinal microflora, which may lead to inflammation or immune dysfunction, malabsorption, food intolerance, failure to thrive, gas, bloating, or diarrhea.” Essentially, some children with ASD have constipation lasting for several days that in turn causes serious health and management issues. There are also ASD sufferers whose chronic diarrhea becomes a serious problem at home and in school. 


Treatment of constipation for children with autism typically focuses on the use of laxative or lubricants. In addition, many probiotics or probiotic blends are administered. In this research project, we studied the beneficial effect of Delpro, a blend of five highly concentrated probiotics mixed with Del-Immune V, an immune modulator. Probiotics are live, natural microbial components in the intestinal tract. Their primary function is to improve digestive health, and recent studies suggest that probiotics are poised to gain an increasingly important role in preventative health.


The Study Design

Generation Rescue recruited 32 caregivers representing 33 participants for the study. All individuals willingly participated, and were informed about the study ahead of time and completed informed consent signed release forms.


Caregivers assessed autism signs and symptoms during two 21-day periods (before and after taking Delpro) using the ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) and filled out an additional questionnaire relating to the participants’ medical usage and history. ATEC is a standardized comprehensive evaluation used to determine the effectiveness of autism drugs, products or treatments. The test measures ASD behaviors in four categories, and has become a respected evaluative tool in autism research.


The first 21-day period (before participants used Delpro) was used to create a history for each candidate’s bowel habits and ASD symptoms. After completing the first 21-day bowel activity diary, participants were provided a supply of 63 Delpro capsules and instructed to give the affected child one capsule three times daily. Each Delpro capsule contains 10 billion colony forming units (CFUs) from different probiotic strains (2 billion each of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus delbruecki, Bifidobacteria longum and Bifidobacteria bifidum) and 8 mg of Del-Immune V, an immune modulator that provides immediate immune support. Each caregiver was instructed to complete a second 21-day diary of bowel movements and ATEC scores. 



The study results were tabulated and analyzed using accepted statistical methods as described in the report. 


Of the original 35 caregivers, 25 completed the ATEC questionnaire and 18 completed both the before and after 21-day stool frequency diary. The average age of the ASD children in the study was 7.92 years old. According to the 21-day ATEC scores and stool frequency diaries, before starting the study 84% of participants reported “moderate” or “severe” constipation, and 56% reported “moderate” or “severe” diarrhea.


Of the 25 respondents who reported ATEC scores, 88% reported a decrease in ASD symptoms spanning all four categories (speech/language/communication, sociability, sensory/cognitive awareness, and health/physical behavior). In the fourth ATEC category in particular, 57% reported a decrease in constipation severity and 52% reported a decrease in diarrhea.


What Caregivers had to Say about Delpro


Caregivers were also provided with the opportunity to comment on the changes in their ASD affected children. Here are some of the caregiver responses:


“Delpro definitely helped with constipation issues as well as improved heartburn, no need for Nexium… I have tried a lot of probiotics for my son but Delpro was the only one I have ever seen any improvement.”


“[My child] has way more focus now than before.”


“I do believe that the immunity booster has helped her. She had a very sore throat and a coated white tongue and after 3 capsules of Delpro, it totally disappeared.”


“Child is less bloated—decreased appetite to a more appropriate level.”


“I feel that the immunity booster is helping lessen the severity of viruses.”


“[He] seemed to giggle a lot and be more happier… I especially like the fact that it tastes pleasant because I have to open the capsules and sprinkle on food. It’s great that I don’t have a hard time getting him to take it.”


“Son was somewhat lethargic seem to be opening up more and seems more relaxed… Bowel movements were consistent and had a more natural appearance than before.”


“I will say that my children all have severe yeast issues and I think that while they were on the Delpro the signs and symptoms of severe yeast decreased. Specifically the clearer head, which for my oldest son is his worst symptom… I can say that I saw tremendous improvement with my sons when they took the Delpro and I would continue giving them Delpro because of those results.”


As a result of this controlled Delpro study, there is good evidence that Delpro capsules helped many of the ASD affected children who participated in the research project. Objective measurement provided by ATEC scores assisted in measuring improvement in 88% of the participants. We express our genuine thanks to Generation Rescue for permitting us to create and complete this informative study.


Want More?

The complete article and findings were recently published in OMICS’ online journal titled the Journal of Probiotics and Health. Those wanting to read more can access the study online here. 




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