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Founders Welcome
Welcome to Generation Rescue. This site was created for you, the parent of a child diagnosed with a neurological disorder, by other parents experiencing the same challenges you are experiencing.
If your child was recently diagnosed, we offer our sincere condolences to the pain you are feeling. We have been there, too, and we know the sense of hopelessness, isolation, fear, and sorrow that grips all of us as we strive to provide for our children.
Generation Rescue is here as an act of love to our son and to all the other children who are fighting to live the life they were meant to live. When our son Jamison was diagnosed with autism, we were told by so many "experts" that he was destined to live a challenging life. Luckily for us, other parents and an amazing network of Doctors told us that it didn't have to be this way, and that proper treatment led to both improvement and recovery.
Generation Rescue is an organization devoted to giving parents information to begin treatment now for their children. The heart and soul of who we are is our network of Rescue Angels, more than 350 families strong, who are available to help you find a doctor and get started on your own journey of recovery.
There has been no greater joy for us than seeing our son return to us and experience his own joy and love. May you have a similarly rewarding journey.
With hope,
Lisa Handley    J.B. Handley