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Get Involved with Generation Rescue

We welcome the involvement of parents. There are three ways you can help:
1. Donate
All proceeds will be used to further the goals of Generation Rescue of empowering parents with the truth to help their children heal. Donations can be made online through our online donation form.
2. Become a Rescue Angel
Rescue Angels volunteer their time and knowledge to help other parents. They are parents of children diagnosed with NDs who have either recovered their own children and/or are currently treating their children biomedically. Rescue Angels are listed on our website by state or country and receive emails from parents initiating treatment for their child to provide general guidance and support. Please email us with your name, city, and state if you would like to become a Rescue Angel: [email protected].
3. Write a Testimonial
Our testimonials section is one of the most-read sections of our website. If you would like to tell your story of biomedical recovery, please send it to: [email protected].
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