Updates on our Rescue Family Grant…we are so excited to be in Round Four!

We'd love to introduce you to Gary.

Gary is an adorable 7 year old with a beautiful smile and is a big brother to Melana. Gary started with our grant in October and we just wanted to share a recent comment from Gary's Mom about his progress, "Today Gary who normally plays alone and never engages his sister came to her and said, "Sissy play" and walked off to go to the playroom. She did not follow. He came back several times until she finally went and played with him! He has never asked her to play. I am about to cry tears of joy!!!!"

We also wanted you to meet Lennon.

Lennon, as his Mom describes is "the most wonderful little 2-year old that was just recently diagnosed with Autism". Lennon is bright and loving but, was not communicating and didn't respond to his name. He also seemed like he was in pain and banged his head in frustration. After starting our grant in October, here are a few comments that his Mom reported back to us, "Lennon had his first formed stool in FOREVER!" and "OMG-not only has Lennon had formed bowel movements for two days which is HUGE for us-but today with the speech therapist, he said A LOT of words and PUT TWO WORDS TOGETHER!! YEA!!!"


Summer started on the GFCF diet on August 15, 2010 and started taking supplements around October 18th.

After being on treatment for less than four months Summer is seeing great results. Her mom wrote us the other day: "Summer no longer has seizures everyday. She is not in screaming pain, her belly is not as bloated and she no longer has any constipation. Also, she is looking at us in in the eyes (even does staring contests!). She loves people and other children and is now playing with her dogs and interacting more. She still is a picky eater, but is not as fussy! She is saying more words than ever before and her tantrums have decreased. She is such a happy little girl now!! We are so happy to have our little girl laugh and smile!!!!! Thank You Generation Rescue!"

Our Rescue Family Grant program is a first time biomedical "jump start" for those that cannot treat their child's ASD due to financial issues. We provide families with supplements, lab testing, mentoring by our Rescue Angels and two DAN-certified Doctor visits.

Throughout the past year and a half, we have helped fund over 250 families. If you know of someone that would like to apply for a Rescue Family grant, please visit our website, http://www.generationrescue.org/about/grants
We are currently accepting applications year round.

We are so happy to share these comments from our families and look forward to continued progress with all of the kids.


If you would like to help fund a family's grant please consider making a donation toward our "Adopt A Family" program. A donation of $2500 will enable a child to receive a 90-day grant through Generation Rescue. Recipients of our grant program receive two DAN-certified doctor visits, supplements, lab testing, nutritional counseling and mentoring by our Rescue Angels.

Please "Adopt A Family" today and if you are only able to give a smaller amount, it will still go directly to a family.

To "Adopt A Family" for our Rescue Family Grant Program please visit:
Note: When you donate please check the box that specifies the donation is for the "Adopt A Family" program.

We truly appreciate your support!


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