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1.  Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
Autism Research Institute
Dr. Rimland is the father of an autistic son and in 1964, authored Infantile Autism: The Syndrome and Its Implication for a Neural Theory of Behavior, the book that is widely credited with changing the field of psychiatry from its claim that autism is an emotional illness, caused by unemotional mothers, to its more current recognition that autism is a biological disorder. In 1967, Dr. Rimland founded the Autism Research Institute. In 1995, Dr. Rimland founded DAN!, Defeat Autism Now!, a growing confederation of Doctors committed to treating autism through biomedical means. The "DAN protocol" has become the standard for treating autistic children and has provided parents and doctors with the means to recover thousands of children. Dr. Rimland has created the foundation for the world to understand the true cause of autism and his selflessness, perseverance, and love has contributed to the betterment of thousands of children's lives.
2.  Dan Burton
United States Congressman (R-IN)
Congressman Burton, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Congressional Subcommittee on Health & Wellness, has convened numerous hearings on the topic of mercury and autism. His Subcommitte's report, Mercury In Medicine: Taking Unnecessary Risks, published in the Congressional Record, spelled out in detail how the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies contributed to the autism epidemic. He remains a tireless advocate of revealing the true cause of the autism epidemic to the public. Congressman Burton is the grandfather of an autistic child.
3.  Dr. Rashid Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
Vice Chairman
American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology
Dr. Buttar is a board-certified toxicologist and remains in clinical practice treating autistic children for mercury poisoning. His testimony before Congress in May 2004 and his development of a safer and simpler, transdermal form of DMPS (TD-DMPS) have created a surge in the number of parents treating their children for mercury poisoning. Dr. Buttar is an outspoken critic of the IOM, CDC, FDA, and any other health agency that has contributed to the obfuscation of the connection between mercury and the autism epidemic. His background in toxicology makes him uniquely qualified to understand the true cause and cure of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
4.  Dr. Amy Holmes & Dr. Stephanie Cave
DAN! Doctors
In the late 1990s, Dr. Amy Holmes and Dr. Stephanie Cave were among the first clinicians to treat autistic children using chelation. They have successfully recovered hundreds of autistic children through detoxification and their willingness to share their experiences and protocols with the wider network of DAN! Doctors has helped thousands of children. Their treatment success led to a DAN! Summit that created the first consensus paper on mercury detoxification, the most recent version of which is available here.
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