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9.  Dr. Jacquelyn McCandless
DAN! Doctor & Author
Children With Starving Brains
Dr. McCandless is a DAN! Doctor, the grandmother of an autistic granddaughter, and the author of an important book, Children With Starving Brains, that provides parents with a clear and concise overview of the biomedical approach to treating autism. Dr. McCandless has dedicated her time to carrying a full patient load and training other doctors in the DAN! Protocol to help expand the network of available doctors.
10.  Don Imus
Host, Imus in the Morning, MSNBC
On the heels of a recent week of autism coverage on NBC filled with inaccuracies and omissions, Don Imus has emerged as a fiery beacon of truth, demonstrating his relentlessness and integrity in demanding that the truth be revealed on the relationship between Thimerosal and autism. Among the many great quotes, Don Imus recently stated, "There's some pretty clear evidence that there is an absolute link [between mercury and autism]...it's a neurotoxin...it clearly could produce a neurological disorder but, the point is, what it sounds to me like is jive going on between the pharmaceutical industry which contributes an enormous amount of money to these various campaigns". For a full transcript of Don Imus emasculating U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) on Imus in the Morning on March 7, 2005, please click here.
11.  Dr. Jim Neubrander
DAN! Doctor, New Jersey
Dr. Neubrander is the innovator of "Methyl B12 shots" now being used successfully to improve the symptoms of many autistic children. Dr. Neubrander's innovation of adding B12, a critical vitamin, subcutaneously (in a small shot) has allowed the vitamin to contribute to the methylation cycle of autistic children. B12, a critical "methyl donor", is very difficult for children to inject through their often-damaged guts. For more information on Methyl B12 and specific details around the appropriate protocol to follow, visit: www.drneubrander.com.
12.  Lujene G. Clark & Dr. Alan Clark
No Mercury
These parents of a mercury poisoned child have worked tirelessly to promote awareness of the dangers of mercury in vaccines and are dedicated to supporting state legislation banning the use of mercury in vaccines for children and pregnant women. Lujene Clark has testified before and lobbied many state governments to help educate on the dangers of mercury. At this time, Iowa and California have passed laws to ban Thimerosal in vaccines and 15 or more states have similar legislation pending.
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