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Autism Advocate
Special Issue: Environmental Health and Autism
December 2006
Generation Rescue Commentary:
We were thrilled to see the Autism Society of America devote an entire issue of their quarterly publication, Autism Advocate, to environmental health and autism. The issue was filled with 20 separate articles covering issue related to the environment and biomedical treatment, many of which are available here:
A Message from ASA President & CEO By Lee Grossman
Biomedical Treatment of Autism By John Green, M.D.
There is Hope By Judy Chinitz Gorman
Time to Get a Grip By Martha R. Herbert, M.D., Ph.D.
Autism's New Paradigm: Seeking Answers to Environmental Threats By Michael Lerner, Ph.D.
Beyond Behavior - Biomedical Diagnoses in Autism Spectrum Disorders By Margaret Bauman, M.D.
Gastrointestinal Illness in Autism - An Interview with Tim Buie, M.D. By Kulani Mahikoa
Evidence for Metabolic Imbalance and Oxidative Stress in Autism By Jill James, Ph.D.
Why Time Trends in Autism Matter By Mark Blaxill
Autism's McGuffin By Dan Olmsted
Exploring the Role of Toxicology in the Etiology of Autism By Stephen Shore
Rescuing a Generation By J.B. Handley, Generation Rescue
Environmental Mercury Release and its Association with Changing Autism Rates By Raymond Palmer, Ph.D. and Stephen Blanchard Ph.D.