2011 Milestones & Accomplishments


We are proud to support the autism community by providing services to more than 25,000 families a year. Our accomplishments this year have directly impacted the lives of families and we will continue to support and provide hope to all families in need.




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Here are some of our biggest Milestones in 2011:
  • Created an online platform for our community of 1362 "Rescue Angels" in over 38 countries to easily connect and help newly diagnosed families worldwide
  • Funded 95 families in our Rescue Family Grant Program, a unique autism treatment program which is not funded by insurance or other grant-generating entities
  • Answered over 915 calls through our toll-free hotline and personally provided resources to over 700 written inquiries
  • Co-hosted the AutismOne conference which was free for over 2400 families who attended this year and live web cast to over 50,000 viewers
  • Debuted new visual branding and a website makeover to create an interactive autism community online
  • Hosted 56 awareness and fundraising events ranging from school bake sales to large events

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