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  • Autism Yesterday Video

    This documentary explores autism as a reversible condition through the process of biomedical intervention.  
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    This is the top level products page, it uses the product group page type, and it allows you to show your products checked as 'featured' on it. It also allows you to nest product group pages inside it. For example, you have a product group called 'DVDs', a...
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  • Healing and Preventing Autism

    Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, the doctor who recovered her son, to write Healing and Preventing Autism. Their new book provides all the necessary information about biomedical treatment from diagnosis, dietary interventions and env...
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  • Recovery

    Generation Rescue believes in autism treatmentthat brings hope for recovery. A 12 year-old boy looks at his father and calls him Dad for the very first time.  A 5 year-old girl becomes fully potty-trained.  A 6 year-old boy is finally sleeping through t...
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  • Getting Started

    Already started...
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  • Get Help

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  • Exemption Laws By State

      Educate Before You Vaccinate Vaccination requirements are most relevant to children and their families when it comes to daycare, public education and private education.  Each state has established its own vaccination requirements and allowances.  The...
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  • Autism Action Plan

    Biomedical Treatment for Autism: A Suggested Plan for Action Conventional medicine only treats the symptoms of autism. Biomedical treatment addresses the root cause. There are many different therapies available to treat your child’s autism needs. Here ...
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