Iain McDonald

Torrance, California

“I feel great!” Iain McDonald, 23, reports.  He’s comparing his life now to his life less than two years ago.

“Prior to biomedical treatment, Iain regularly pulled threads from his clothes,” his mother recalls.  “He was also what I would call obsessed with pulling and twisting pieces of my hair, and fixated on cars, trailers and boats.”

In 2009, Iain’s sister was reading about the gluten-free/casein-free diet.  The situations discussed struck his family as very similar to Iain’s needs.  That summer they committed to changing Iain’s diet accordingly. In consultation with a specialist, Iain also began a regimen of vitamins and minerals to make up for deficiencies and to rid his body of viruses.

“I had no idea what to make of this. My favorite food was SpaghettiO’s, and suddenly I wasn’t supposed to eat them!” Iain remembers. “But almost right away, I had no more stomach issues. So I wasn’t as sad about not eating SpaghettiO’s.”

His family also began noticing huge improvements in his social interaction. “Once he was on the diet, and the vitamins and minerals were supporting his body, Iain became so engaged,” his sister observes. “He was asking questions, and he could carry on a conversation about all sorts of things.”  His family also noticed that his stims became drastically reduced—some of them disappeared entirely.

As Iain describes it, “I began thinking clearer.”

Less than two years after his first summer without SpaghettiO’s, Iain is in control of his life in ways he wasn’t able to be before.  He reads all the labels when he grocery shops (“It’s amazing where you’ll find glutens and don’t expect it!”) and has a new favorite food:  Salmon.  “I’m still gluten-free and casein-free,” he reports.  “I also take Vitamin D, fish oil and folic acid.

“I just feel better all the way around now,” he says.

“Thinking back to the ‘before” is really remarkable,” his mother says.  “Wonderfully, Iain was always a happy person.  But the difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ is beyond what we could have hoped to imagine.”

“In less than two years, he has become a young man who has friends, who shares his opinions with you, who has a terrific sense of humor,” his sister adds.  “It’s like someone turned on the lights.”

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