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2013 Autism One Conference

May 29

by Kimberly Ruckman on 29 May 2013 in , , , , with 3 Comments

Wow, I'm still decompressing from my first Autism One Conference.  It was a whirl wind event.  One that I wish I could of stayed at longer, but was thrilled I had the opportunity (and the funds) to attend it at all. 


I flew in from California, and arrived late on Friday.  I took the shuttle from O'hare to the hotel and happily arrived at my final destination! The InterContinental O'Hare hotel.  I walked through the entrance with my suitcase in tow. 



 I instantly saw many parents walking around the lobby.  But then I heard someone say...."Kim?  Kim from BioMed Heals?!?!"  I turned around and I said "Yes!  That's me."  I was shocked that someone recognized me so quickly.  I wasn't even wearing my BioMed Heals T-shirt.   It was one of my followers!  Mary!  I was able to meet her, her daughter, and her husband.  I felt honored,and they seemed like such a sweet family.


I went up to my room and decided to recoup from my long trip.  I ordered in room service since I had not eaten any lunch and was starving.  I decided to make it an early night, shower, and sleep so I could be refreshed and energized for the conference the next day.  I had a LOT of activities and people I wanted to meet.


The next morning, I awoke early and headed down to the conference.  I was looking forward to attending my first lecture of the day.  Food Allergies and Intolerance's – The Enzyme Solution - With Tom Bohager  You can get the free hand out here.   Tom was a wonderful speaker, and answered lots of questions as the lecture went on.  He even answered one of my own questions.  =-)   We talked about IgG allergy responses and how sometimes they are not helped by elimination of those allergens.  And how introducing enzymes drastically helped Anthony's IgG results.  He said one of the main reason it helps, is because enzymes take stress off the body, and give it a better chance at the gut healing. 


He talked about the DPP-IV enzyme, and how it breaks down gluten.  Since Anthony still has a IgG and IgE gluten allergy, even though he has been off gluten for 3 years, I will most likely be adding GlutenEase2x by Enzymedica to the mix.  We can combine this with Anthony's current enzyme, Enzymedica's Digest Spectrum. 


 Tom also brought up a condition I had never heard of before, "SIBO" or small intestine bacterial over growth.  This condition accounts for 60% of IBS patients.  I will be googling more on this in the future, and hoping the info can help out some families on my FB page.  


After the lecture I decided to walk around a visit a lot of the vendors.  But I had one that I really wanted to see!  I wanted to visit Tami Wilken from Bioray!!  


I love Tami!  She was such a wonderful help when Anthony was going through his detox with the Bioray products.  I know on one occasion I spoke with her on the phone for at least 45 minutes.  And even after Anthony was done with his detox, we still stayed in touch and became FB friends.  =-)    She was every bit as sweet in person.  We chit chatted, she made me a BioRay "cocktail" after I told her how I was sad that I couldn't bring my 4oz bottle of CytoFlora with me on the plane.   She hooked me up =-)    We chatted about our kids, PANDAS, and she told me about Xyitol!  Thanks for the tip Tami!  I'm totally kicking myself for not getting a pic of the two of us together.  Next year for sure!!


I visited many booths, Kirkman, Barleans, TMR, Autism Hope Alliance (Where I met Anna, super nice girl) I met Brenda Watson from ReNew Life. (love their probiotics)  Someone whom I have followed on line for years!  I actually got a pic of us together.



I then headed over to Branam booth and discovered their Xyitol tooth paste.  So excited about this product.   I had to buy it.  This tooth paste is suppose to kill bacteria in the mouth. One of those bacteria being strep! (HELLO PANDAS OVER HERE) So of course I HAD to get it. 


I also visited the Double Helix Water booth.  But I will have to go into that whole experience in another post.   It was very interesting.


After visiting many many more booths, it was time to head on over to the Celebrity Panel - Keynote.  The panel was very inspirational, and I think it was a great lecture to attend if you were just starting out on your biomed journey.   It really would of benefited me 3 years ago. The panel shared a lot of good tips for navigating the therapy, medical, and social world that is your life after your child is diagnosed with Autism. I think the one moment that did bring me to tears, and I strongly could relate to, was when Jenny said "People say to me, Oh Jenny, you saved Evan! But no, Evan saved me!"  That is exactly how I feel with my own son.  Anthony inspires me, motivates me and made me truly learn what it meant to be selfless.  He teaches me how to be a better person, every day!


While I was at the lecture, I was able to meet up with another one of my BioMed Heals followers! Valerie!  Her son is part of the Generation Rescue Grant program.  I was so happy to meet her in person. 


After the lecture, Valerie and I decided we were starving and ready for lunch.  We headed over to a near by restaurant, where another follower of mine, Judith met up with us.  We had a lovely meal and chatted about all things biomed.   And Valerie, I'm still confused about what was REALLY going on with the avocado.  LOL


Judith and I then headed over to the PANS/PANDAS lecture. You can check out the slides on the lecture here.   However we found it disappointing when Dr. T was running late.  We waited, and waited for Dr. T to show up. However, someone from the hotel came in and said that Dr. T was still running late, and would only be available for 20 minutes of questions.  Judith and I decided it wasn't worth sticking around.  So we headed over to "The Redox/Methylation Hypothesis of Autism: New Findings, New Perspectives Richard Deth, PhD"   Since we missed quiet a bit of the lecture, I can't comment fully.  but I will be looking into Carnatine for low muscle tone. 


And then my hi-light of the whole conference happened!  We were able to attend Dr. Andrew Wakefield's lecture! "Defending Academic Integrity and Research"  He is such an amazing man.  I could listen to him speak for hours.   As he lectured he started showing slides and pictures of the children in his world renowned study, and their gut inflammation.  I leaned over to Judith and whispered, "Yeah, ABA therapy isn't going to fix THAT!" Not only is it important to realize that more doctors need to acknowledge his research, but more doctors need to realize that Autism does not start in the brain!  Our children's stomachs tell a much different story.  I know both of us shed a few tears during Dr. Wakefield's lecture.   It is just....well.... words don't even do it justice regarding the horrible situation that has surrounded Dr. Wakefield.  It's just so... wrong!   I am thrilled that the community is standing up for him, and justice WILL happen!!  We all just have to keep spreading the word!!


Sadly, I had a flight that was leaving VERY early the next morning.  3AM!!!  I had to get packed, and ready for bed.  


The conference was great though and I really enjoyed everything about it.  The vendors, the lectures, and the friends I finally got to meet in person.  I wish I could of stayed longer. 


Now it's time to sit down, decompress, and get back to work! There is a lot of new information to share.  This biomed journey is still going on.  Not only for me and my son, but for millions of families out there.  And hopefully with every year that goes by, more parents will learn about biomed, and all the wonderful options that are available to them. 


See you next year everyone!!!


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Kimberly Ruckman is the author of the blog BioMed Heals which chronicles her son's complete recovery from an autism spectrum disorder via biomedical intervention. She is married, has two children, and volunteers her time as a Grant Mentor for Generation Rescue. You can follow her on Twitter @biomedheals or Facebook/biomedheals.


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  • This event was a lot beneficial especially to people with autism. I consider this event as the most productive for learning different autism behaviors.

    Posted by hotel georgetown penang, 12/06/2013 7:40pm (3 months ago)

  • Thank you Cody. There was so much I wanted to see. But only having 1 day was hard. Wish I wasn't so far away. =-(

    Posted by Kimberly Ruckman, 29/05/2013 6:00pm (4 months ago)

  • Kimberly- I felt the same way after my first AutismOne/GR conference! Actually, I feel that way every year because there are always SO MANY new things to learn.

    Posted by Cody Jordan, 29/05/2013 2:07pm (4 months ago)

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