Frequent Low-Dose Chelation

Feb 27

by Marissa Bagshaw on 27 February 2012 in , with 0 Comments

"Mummy, why do you always sleep for such a long time?" asks Mei. "That's because Mummy is Sleeping Beauty" whispers Min Min.

For me to sacrifice sleep is BIG STUFF indeed. Me, dubbed Sleeping Beauty by my own daughters!

The past few weeks have been building up to this day. Now that Mei and Min Min are recovered, why in the world would I want to implement yet another new protocol now? Especially a protocol that takes away precious beauty sleep.

What's this big thing you ask? The one that's got me excited and trepidatious at the same time? It's the Holy Grail of autism recovery; chelation. Not just any chelation, but frequent low-dose oral chelation. I've done several different chelation protocols, some with good success and some that brought on nasty regression. Chelation isn't new to me, but frequent, low-dose oral is. Here's a peek at how our first day went...

Scene from the Baggy household-

Hubby kindly offered to drive Mei and Min Min to school today.  Technically, I got to sleep in but I kept getting interrupted by our old, leaky air-conditioner that's dying a slow death. It's begging to be replaced, but I'm saving up for hair tests and airfare to Chicago for the Autism One / Generation Rescue Conference 2012. So I placed 2 buckets under the air-conditioning unit, threw pillows at it when it rattled and tried to go back to sleep with no success.

Bleary eyed, I nursed a mug of decaf soy latte sweetened with xylitol and popped an adrenal cortex extract capsule. Now that’s how you kickstart the day SpectrumMum style!

I spent the morning doing some last minute reading and annoying my friends with my newbie questions.  I might consider myself an old hand at biomed, but when it comes to this, talk to me like a noob I say. I drew up the dosing schedule, lined up all the supplements and said a quick prayer to the gods of chelation that all would go well today.

Mei and Min Min came home, glowing after a happy day at school. I promised them we'd bake muffins today.

I gave the girls their first dose of oral DMSA. No spitting, hooray!

An hour later, we're covered in gluten-free flour and the scent of vanilla muffins permeates through our home. The Baggy family sits together for teatime and work our way through the GFCF vanilla muffins with xylitol and flaxseed meal, fresh from the oven. Yumm....

Afterwards, I chased the girls with giant syringes of supplements to support them during chelation. We've come a long way from wrestling Mei on the floor, the gagging, spitting and puking scene that invariably follows when giving her supplements that's not artfully smuggled. Nowadays, I encourage her to read the labels of the supplements I feed her. "Sweetie, Vitamin D3 is from sunshine. So don't forget to take your sunshine vitamins." I also gave them a little pep talk, explaining that I will be giving them more DMSA while they're sleeping. "Please don't spit on Mummy and all over your bed tonight, just swallow it ok?"

2nd dose of oral DMSA, success!

I was too overwhelmed to cook a decent meal for Hubby and myself today, so forgive me for the pot noodle lunch and the Indian takeaway dinner. Though I made sure the girls had an organic, homemade lunch and dinner.  I was admittedly strung-up today, adrenal cortex and L-Theanine weren't enough. I wolfed down 3 mini peanut butter cups like it was candy-coated Valium (hangs head in shame)

3rd dose given whilst the girls are sleeping. No spitting, the pep talk worked!

I am optimistic that this new chelation protocol will bring forth greater healing for Mei and Min Min. And I am thankful for a great 1st day. As I write, I'm waiting for the next dose at 3.00am. Insomnia does have it's benefits!

About the Author:

Marissa Bagshaw is a mother of 2 children who are recovered from autism. Her blog Spectrum Mum in Malaysia is inspired by her daughters' journey through autism.  Marissa is the founder of KL Biomed, a support network for autism families doing biomedical intervention in Malaysia and neighbouring Asian countries. She is also a co-founder of The Thinking Moms' Revolution. Marissa lives with her husband and daughters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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