The Dark Side of Spring: Embarrassing Symptoms of High Histamine

May 05

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There are common effects that some children experience when histamine are high, and that parents are reluctant to talk about. A sudden onset of cursing or saying inappropriate things, chronic erections or adjusting themselves can be embarrassing for children and their parents. This is not a child behaving badly, but rather the body’s physiological response to too much histamine circulating in their system. With a significant elevation of histamine, children may simply have a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. However, there are also many children who experience an increase of inappropriate behaviors, a decline in cognitive health1 or a regression of previously mastered skills, especially when the high pollen days of spring are upon us.


Embarrassing Symptoms of High Histamine

• Sudden onset of cursing or saying inappropriate things

• Chronic erections or hands on private parts

• Constantly ‘adjusting’ oneself due to discomfort

• Undressing oneself in public

• Unprovoked anger & aggression

• Dark thoughts or unreasonable fears

• Obsessive thoughts & behaviors

• Unable to feel the need to urinate

• Having delusions or talking to oneself


Why Would Histamine Cause These Types of Symptoms?

Histamine stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the private areas for both girls and boys, regardless of age. Children often experience an increase in sensation that either stimulates an erection or may make a child feel very irritated in these highly sensitive areas. This can lead to behaviors that may seem improper but are the result of how uncomfortable they feel. Histamine can increase skin sensitivities, making clothes very irritating. It may also make them unable to feel when they start to urinate, so they tend to have potty accidents even in older kids who are 15 and 16 years old!

How Histamine Are Produced and Broken Down

Histamine are produced from the amino acid histidine and are broken down by two enzymes, diamine oxidase (DAO) or histamine-N-methyltransferase (HNMT). DAO enzymes break down the extracellular histamine that occurs after consuming food, while HNMT enzymes convert histamine inside the cells. Research shows when there is a deficiency of these enzymes due to genetic or acquired impairment of enzyme function, histamine enters the blood and circulates throughout the body.


Causes for Inefficient Enzyme Activity

• Genetics

• Decreased Methylation in the Liver

 Gastrointestinal Imbalances

• Western Medications


Histamine Can Affect Your Child’s Moods

The late Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D, a physician and biochemist has done extensive research on high histamine and its impact on psychological function and behaviors. Pfeiffer believed that biochemical imbalances were responsible for many psychological problems.2 Histamine act as neurotransmitters and disrupt other neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine which can contribute to feeling anxious, having dark thoughts and an inability to control angry outbursts. When the liver is congested, histamine is not filtered efficiently and we see an increase in negative moods, thoughts or self stimulatory behaviors.

Your Child is Not a “Bad Kid”

Due to a significant increase in these reports each year and especially during springtime, we feel it's important to share these symptoms and provide solutions, sochildren are not labeled 'bad kids'. A biological imbalance of histamine that can lead to psychological issues is often the result of an inefficient adrenal, liver and immune function. Supporting these organ systems and utilizing ingredients that inhibit the release of histamine, can bring relief very quickly for kids.


High histamine is the 5th leading cause of chronic health issues.3


High Histamine Solutions

When properly nourished on a regular basis, the liver can then do what it wants to do, which is to detoxify things like excess histamine. The herbs in NDF CALM support and protect a child’s liver, restoring the adrenal reserves, and gently removing environmental toxins. NDF CALM gives the body just what it needs to balance histamine, relieve stress, and restore healthy moods and energy.* 

Environmental toxins create stress in the body until they are removed. They eventually wear the cells down creating a susceptibility to a histamine response and decreasing a child’s focus, concentration and clarity. The low cellular energy in our kids is similar to a low battery. The fermented herbs in NDF FOCUS create a by-product called fulvic acid which provides additional support and energy for the cells. In conjunction with NDF® CALM, these two formulas help kids with the dark side of springtime issues.

Welcome to the BIORAY Family!

There was a time when healthy food and herbal information was a natural, lively conversation between people in a community, and it's here again. Working with parents from Generation Rescue’s Family Grant program with our therapeutic line, we have learned a lot about the solutions our kids need. Stephanie Ray developed BIORAY Kids as a new option for parents dealing with the environmental issues that wreak havoc on our kids. BIORAY Kids products are available nationally at healthy grocers like Sprouts Farmers Market. BIORAY Kids is a protocol in a bottle; like a one two punch, it combines the best of Chinese herbal medicine and science to remove toxins and support healthy organ function. These are alcohol free liquid dietary supplements. You can simply add 1 or 2 vanilla or juice flavored droppers of BIORAY® kids into their water, juice or food.


"I created BIORAY Kids so parents can have ease in their life and know when their children are taking BIORAY Kids products, they do not have to worry so much." - Stephanie Ray

BIORAY Kids Products

NDF® CALM helps your child by supporting their liver, improving adrenal function, and decreasing toxins. Parents notice improved moods, emotional balance, restful sleep and their kids are better able to handle stress.

(The equivalent combination in BIORAY Therapeutic products is Loving Energy and Liver Life. BIORAY Therapeutics is intended for adults and for kids with significant imbalances).

• NDF® FOCUS helps your child with clarity and cognitive function, supports adrenal function and removes toxins. Parents notice their kids have clearer thinking, balanced energy and an improved ability to handle stress. 

 (The equivalent in BIORAY Therapeutic products is Loving Energy and NDF PlusBIORAY Therapeutics is intended for adults and for kids with significant imbalances).


Parent Shares Her Experience

15 year old son had chronic bed wetting that would come and go, and get worse during the springtime. He was easily angered, had obsessive behaviors, violent outbursts and dark thoughts as well. Within 2 days on NDF® CALM, all symptoms improved; he no longer wets the bed, is happier throughout the day, has more age appropriate behaviors and less outbursts. After 1 month taking NDF® CALM, his mom reports that he has been able to maintain his progress and she sees additional gains by continuing NDF® CALM. She notes he is also sleeping more soundly through the night.

With NDF® CALM and NDF® FOCUS, children will...

• Have more appropriate behaviors*

• No more potty accidents*

• Balanced moods*

• Sleep more soundly*

• Feel happier*

• Pay attention and concentrate*

As Dr. Pfeiffer reported, and parents experience, these abnormal behaviors triggered by high histamine are not permanent. They can be alleviated with specific organ support and removal of environmental toxins.




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