Generation Rescue brings to your attention scientists, physicians and community members who believe in recovery and are powerful advocates for families living with autism.

Create your own journey.  Choose the resources that work best for you.

Generation Rescue suggests the following resources, but does not endorse or certify any one resource more than any other.  Please pursue your own research to find what is best suited for your journey.


Educate before you vaccinate.

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Nutrition Guide

A discussion of the diet-based therapies that treat the underlying issues of autism inside the body.

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Autism research presented in the world’s premier scientific journals.

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Find a Physician

Physicians and licensed health care professionals provided as a resource as you continue your journey with autism.

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Find a Rescue Angel

Guidance from parents who have seen loss of diagnosis or significant improvement through biomedical treatment.

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Rescue Family Grants

Generation Rescue’s free treatment support for families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

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