11-Year-Old with Autism Saves Sister After She Has a Seizure

Written by Team GR 

You never know how your child may react when faced with an emergency. For one warrior mom, she’s proud that her son knew to stay calm and dial 911.

It was a normal evening for Linda and her family when suddenly she heard her son, who was diagnosed with autism, yell that his little sister was having a seizure.

“I was preparing dinner when I heard Sammy yell for me,” Linda said.

Her 4-year-old daughter, Lucianna, has been having febrile seizures since she was 15 months old.

“She even stopped breathing on us during one of them,” Linda said.

This time, Linda was home alone with the kids when it happened and started panicking.

“My amazing son yelled ‘I’ll get the phone and call for help, you stay with Lucianna.'”

“Hi, my little sister is having a seizure and needs help, please,” Sammy said to the 911 dispatcher.

Still on the phone with 911, Sammy knelt down next to his sister and mom to comfort them and said, “Everything is going to be okay, they’re on their way.”

Sammy held his sisters hand and said, “You’re going to be okay, I love you.”

Linda said, “I am so proud to call him my son. I am very grateful he was there with me and that I wasn’t alone.”

“His bravery calmed me down and I didn’t feel alone. I’m not sure I would have stayed as calm as I was if he weren’t with me.”

After her seizure, the first thing Lucianna said was, “I want my Sammy.”

Lucianna is recovering at home after two hospital admissions in the last three weeks with high fevers and a respiratory virus.

Linda said, “The kids are doing great. They’re running around and happy. I thank my lucky stars every day I have them in my life.”

Talk about sibling warrior - way to go, Sammy!

Have you had the conversation with your kids about how to call 911 in an emergency? What strategies did you find most helpful? Tweet us your thoughts!


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