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  • August 7, 2015
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3 Things You Won’t See At Any Other Autism Conference This Year

The Autism Education Summit returns to Dallas next month! As we gear up for another successful conference, we wanted to share three exciting new additions to the Summit this year:

1) Advanced Stem Cell Therapy
Advanced Stem Cell Therapy is among the most innovating approaches for autism spectrum disorders. Clinical research studies indicate that stem cells are able to address metabolic issues that contribute to ASD such as immunological and gastrointestinal problems as well as inflammation. Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, President of the World Stem Cells Clinic, will be speaking about stem cell therapy and the benefits it may have for your child.

2) Micro-current Point Stimulation Therapy
Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy is the world’s first integrative therapy developed exclusively to fight chronic pain. The theoretical underpinnings of MPS pain protocols are based on combining the “therapeutic pearls” of acupuncture, osteopathy, integrative dentistry, neural therapy, & modern neurology with microcurrent assisted myofascial release techniques.

Kelly Armstrong is a pain management specialist, an advocate for integrative health and healing and a practicing Occupational Therapist for the past 20 years. Her expertise is attained from her vast clinical experience and worldwide education. Be sure to come see Kelly speak and visit the Dolphin Neurostim booth at the conference to learn more.

3) One-on-One Mentoring in the Meet-Up Lounge
Come mingle and get your questions answered from parents who have been there. This year’s Meet-Up Lounge will be hosted by Master Supplements and offer one-on-one support from local Rescue Angels (parent mentors with experience and extensive knowledge in biomedical treatment for autism).

Registration for the Autism Education Summit is just $79 per person! Head over to to register now.

The Autism Education Summit | InterContinental Hotel in Dallas, TX | September 25-27, 2015

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