• March 27, 2015
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3 Worry-Free Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs Naturally

Spring is here and we can already see some bunny ears poking around the corner. As the stores begin to stock-up on eggs (both real and plastic) and food dyes start filling up the shelves, it’s time to face it: Easter is less than two weeks away.


With links to allergies, ADHD and hyperactivity, food dyes are definitely on our naughty list. Right about now the nostalgia of tie-dye easter egg coloring as a kid might be flashing through your memory. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!


You can still have all the fun of decorating eggs on Easter with your kids safely, free of toxins and artificial colors.


Here are some all natural ways to color and decorate your eggs this Easter:


Dye Eggs Naturally

There are plenty of every day foods and spices that can be used to color your hardboiled eggs naturally:


  • Turmeric = yellow
  • Cayenne Pepper = soft brown
  • Chili Powder = orange
  • Paprika = orange


Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Red Beets = red
  • Red Onion Skins = red
  • Red Cabbage = soft blue
  • Spinach = soft green
  • Grape Juice = soft purple/blue
  • Yellow onions = bright red
  • Oranges = soft orange
  • Blueberries = dark blue
  • Cranberries = pink


Coffee and Tea:

  • Coffee = tan, earthy brown texture
  • Instant Coffee = brown
  • Chamomile tea = soft yellow
  • Black tea = deep orange


Check out The Kitchn’s guide to naturally dyed Easter eggs.


Use Non-Toxic Paints

Trying to beat the hassle of creating your own dyes? Try these ready-to-use non-toxic paints. They are all natural, made from fruits, veggies, and herbs to help calm the worry and make your life easier.


Decorate with Stickers

Putting stickers on the eggs can be a another fun way to decorate!

- Have your kids pick out their favorite packs of stickers to make their eggs unique. For added fun, visit your local farmers market to pick out freshly hatched eggs that naturally come in different tones and textures.  

- Pick out stickers with fun shapes to stick on the eggs prior to dying/painting to add cool designs.


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