30 Days Using the IonCleanse Detox System: A Dad Shares Son’s Progress

Last December, we hosted our annual 12 Days of Giving campaign, where we teamed up with many of our partners to offer autism families access to vital treatments and therapies they might not have otherwise been able to afford.

One of our lucky winners was Dave Borden, who won an IonCleanse detoxification system for his son. We checked in with Dave to see how their family was liking the system. Here’s what he had to report:

My 10-year-old son with autism seems to be responding well to the IonCleanse by AMD. Surprisingly, Ethan had no hesitation when we started. He put his feet right in the water, and he still really loves doing his footbaths. In fact, he’ll put his feet in the water before we are able to even turn on the system.

Communication is Getting Better

After 45 days, we have definitely seen some positive improvements. His receptive language appears to be getting a little better, and he is trying to communicate more. Instead of screaming, he has been walking out of his room, and saying to us, “find the mote.” The mote means remote. This is Ethan’s way of saying I want to watch a movie, and it’s a big improvement from the typical shouting from his room.

Initiating Play

Just this past week, we’ve seen some really exciting things. Ethan’s energy level has increased, and he is starting to initiate play for the first time in a very long while. Ethan picked up a ball and said catch. Then, he actually threw me the ball!!! Even more unbelievable is that we played catch for almost 10 minutes. This is HUGE! I’ve never been able to play catch with him for longer than 1 minute in the past, and it was always me initiating play.

Ethan initiated a game of chase yesterday too. We were outside, and he walked up to me with a mischievous grin. He said, “Daddy, run,” and then he took off running and giggling. Naturally, I gave chase. He kept looking back with a huge smile on his face as he ran away from me. Here is the really cool part. I was about to catch up to him. He looked back at me, and INCREASED his speed! He has never done that before. Usually, he will just turn around and grab me or fall down. It was so cool to see him actually make a decision to go faster.

Anxiety is Down

We’ve seen a pretty dramatic decline in anxiety over the past month as well. We were able to go to the Zoo without incident. Today, he went to a brand new pediatrician and did amazingly. New place, new people, new doctor was not a problem for Ethan this time.

I think It’s Working

The IonCleanse by AMD is the first method of detox we’ve tried that did not end in catastrophe. We’ve seen detox reactions like minor rashes and increased inflammation in his joints, so I certainly think it is gently stirring up toxins for easy removal. For those statistically minded parents out there, we’ve also seen a slight uptick in ATEC scores.


Glad to hear the IonCleanse is working out for the Borden family!

For a more in depth review of their first month using the IonCleanse for autism, check out Dave’s blog at ImSimplyaDad.com

If you would like to learn more about how the IonCleanse actually works, Dave digs deeper into the science and research in this article here.


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