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  • August 11, 2015
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4 Questions to Prepare You for Back-to-School Season

It’s August and you know what that means: It’s almost time for the kiddos to start school again! We have compiled a list of questions (that we know are probably on your mind) and answered them below.

1) Should I only buy nontoxic school supplies?

Yes! Why? So many products contain harsh chemicals, additives, artificial dyes, and unhealthy (lead-laced) paints on or in them. You can’t always eliminate all environmental toxins when your child is at school, but you can start with the products you know your child will be using (like crayons, glues, lunch containers, etc.).

But I don’t have time to research products and ingredients…

Not to worry! EWG has you covered. And remember, you can always trust our friends at True Goods and Healthy Child, Healthy World.


2) Do I really need a meal plan for school lunches?

Yes! Especially if you are trying to save money, as Amy Hull Brown taught us here. When preparing meals ahead of time, it ensures that your child sticks to his allergen-friendly diet, it saves you time during the week (or during your morning routine), and it helps you cut costs in the long run.

But I don’t know what to make!

We’ve made it easy with these fun lunch ideas and this great guide from Chef Jimi.

PS: Don’t forget about safe lunch containers.

What if my child is a picky eater?

We’ve got that covered too! And if you’re looking for Mommy Approved lunch ideas, we’ve got those here.

What else am I forgetting?  

Don’t forget your enzymes! Always make sure to pack your enzymes. If you child has food allergies or is intolerant to any foods, digestive enzymes are essential. They are also great in case your child sneaks a bite (or two) of something he shouldn’t be having.


3) Is my IEP up-to-date?

It should be! Especially when transitioning to a new school or dealing with a new teacher. Make sure you have that updated as soon as possible. If you haven’t done so yet, add in your child’s diet restrictions.

But I don’t know how to do that…  

We found an article for you.


4) What should I do about routine vaccines?

If you have concerns about vaccines, ask questions! Get the facts first and discuss your concerns with your pediatrician. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current physician, you can always find a MAPS certified doctor on our website. You should always feel comfortable discussing any healthcare concerns with your doctor. You are your child’s biggest advocate. If you’re not asking questions, who will?

But I don’t know what questions to ask…  

We’ve got a helpful list here.

I don’t have time to research every vaccine…

That’s okay, you can find a list of ingredients and side effect here.

Opting out?  

Learn about exemptions.

And if I’m in California?

Dr. Bob Sears breaks down SB277.


Now you are all set to tackle back to school season with ease. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine — you deserve it!

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