5 Ways to Reduce Exposure to Toxins in Your Home

Team GR: Environmental detox is important for all families to consider. We asked Dr. Peter Kozlowski, one of our favorite natural medicine doctors, for the best ways to eliminate those pesky toxins lurking in our home.

Written by Dr. Peter Kozlowski, M.D.

Our homes are where we spend most of our time and a place where we can minimize our exposure to toxins.

Toxins come in all forms and sizes. We can create toxic burdens in our bodies through what we eat. High sugar diets cause high insulin, which creates metabolic toxicity.

Toxins can be chemical such as heavy metals or mycotoxins, biological such as bacterial, viral or fungal toxins, physical such as radiation or trauma, or psychological such as chronic stress or toxic relationships.

Some of these toxins are evident. Others are not so evident and quietly burden our bodies.

Here are five things you can do today to reduce your exposure to toxins in your home.

Focus on the air

Dust in the home has the highest percentage of air born pollutants. Get a HEPA/carbon air filter to control dust.

The carbon cleans gases, fumes, and smokes, while the HEPA cleans particles greater than 0.3 microns. Use a HEPA vacuum (air sealed) frequently, focus on the bedroom.

Bring down pollutants by opening your windows, but turn off your filter while open. Leave your shoes outside, they carry pesticides. Remove wall to wall carpeting, which traps toxins from our shoes, and is a source of flame retardant.

If you have poor ventilation, carbon monoxide from the furnace or hot water tank could be contaminating the air in your home. Faulty plumbing could lead to air contamination from sewer gas. If you smell or suspect mold get a mold inspection.

Finally, chimneys should be airtight glass and have a direct vent.

Assess your water

A great free resource in assessing toxic exposure is the Environmental Working Group, EWG.org. They have gathered particularly alarming data when it comes to our water.

In studies done from 2010 to 2015, they tested 48,712 water utilities in 50 states, for 500 different contaminants and found 267.

Filter your tap water, ideally with a reverse osmosis system. You can get your water tested with ntllabs.com.

Do not use hot water from your faucet when you are cooking, drinking, or making baby formula, as hot water dissolves contaminants more quickly than cold water.

Check your products for harsh chemicals

Replace all toxic household cleaning and personal products, including makeup, toothpaste and deodorant with nontoxic forms.

Use EWG.org or safecosmetics.org for lists of nontoxic products.

Get rid of the plastic

Replace all plastic Tupperware and bottles with glass alternatives.

Reduce EMF exposure

Be careful with cellphones. They emit EMF, which studies have shown leads to cancer, insomnia, bone loss, infertility in men, and can affect brain activity.

Don’t keep cellphones on your body and don’t sleep in the same room as them.

Bonus tips to eliminate household toxins

Eat more fiber and drink more water.

Toxins are fat soluble through detox our body makes them water soluble. Normal bowel movements are essential.


About Dr. Peter Kozlowski

Dr. Kozlowski is a Family Practice M.D. who specializes in Functional Medicine. He has trained with many leaders in the field such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Susan Blum. He focuses on nutrition, gut health, and underlying environmental triggers to create individualized treatment plans.

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