• September 24, 2012
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A Hostess With a Heart Makes For a Perfect Holiday Event!

We rely heavily on the support of our volunteers, donors, and partners to help us achieve our goals in the organization and we are very thankful for the relationships we have built. Many of you have recently approached us and have asked what other ways you can help and how? So, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season and environment for celebration, we wanted to share the idea of hosting an event that would benefit Generation Rescue and the many families and children we support throughout the year. Attaching a fundraising initiative to a holiday function is an incredible way to share the gift of “giving” with your friends, family members and co-workers. Here are a few different ways to do just that:

Fund A Family Grant

Be a part of directly affecting a family’s life by inviting your guests to collaborate and fund a family grant for $2500. If each guest donates $100 and you invite 25 people, you have done it! You can also allow your guests to donate whatever they wish and place envelopes at the snack table near a box that reads, “Together, let’s help a family this holiday.” Tis can work for Halloween, Thanksgiving or holiday parties.

Halloween Haunted House

When Halloween creeps around, horrify the truly bold by opening a haunted house. For a small fee, trick-or-treaters can be the judges of whether the spectacle is just smoke and mirrors… or a nightmare come alive.


Visit your local grocery store, clothing store, pet store or a friend with a great product and ask them to donate an item that you raffle off at your upcoming event. Raffles create a sense of excitement and can add an extra element of anticipation and fun to any event.

Cake Walk

Initiating a Cake Walk would be a great way for people to share their baking skills for a great cause. Have volunteers donate either cakes or cupcakes to be displayed and tasted by participants who have paid an entrance fee. To go the extra mile, have participants vote and make the Cake Walk a contest.

Creative Freedom

Use your creativity to tie in anything you are doing to supporting your cause. The beauty of “giving” comes from within, so flex those creative muscles and help make a difference in someone’s life.

Through our “Member Fundraiser” program, we are able to support you through the process at any capacity you need. Feel free to reach out to Annette Beavers at Annette.beavers @ generationrescue.org and thank you for including us this holiday season!


For more inspiration, check out these pics of previous events.





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