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A Sweet Acorn-inspired Gluten & Casein Free Thanksgiving

I am so happy to be back here at Generation Rescue to share a sweet acorn-inspired Gluten and Casein Free Thanksgiving. The acorn was my inspiration because it is the symbol of potential and then I saw this poem, and some gorgeous hand-crafted acorn candies and I knew it would be perfect!



I enlisted the help of my awesome friend Kori from Paper & Pigtails to design an entire collection of Thanksgiving Printables based on the acorn theme, the color palette I wanted and the gorgeous candy acorns that first inspired me. I absolutely love what she came up with and I hope that you do too because she has generously offered to provided each and every one of you with this entire Acorn Thanksgiving Collection for you to download for Free!!! Hooray!!
These printables can be used for both an adult Thanksgiving table and kids table. The various items can also be used to decorate and embellish little gifts or treats you may want to give your friends for Thanksgiving.
I focused on the Kids Menu, because frankly, if your kids are anything like mine, what they are willing to eat during the holidays is always a challenge. I came up with this simple menu.
For the Gobble Sandwich I used their favorite gluten free bread, filled it with gluten casein free roasted turkey cold cuts, fresh greens and a thin spread of a non-dairy dressing. I then cut the sandwich with a decorative cookie cutter.
For the hummus and lentil chips I thought it would be cute to display them in a little boat that my boys could help make. We used a small paper baking loaf, cut out flags using the printable papers from the Thanksgiving printables and put them through a brown striped straws. Next we glued the bottom of the paper straw to the baking loaf to make the sail. Super easy and cute!
The Apple Cider was served in a green apple with the top cut off and most of the inside scooped out! The boys thought these were fun.
Now for the fun part…dessert! My kids and let’s face it most adults’ favorite part of the meal. When I first decided on the acorn theme I had spotted some gorgeous hand-crafted caramel apple flavored candies from my favorite confectioner Vintage Confections! I decided to bake some dark chocolate cupcakes inside apple green chevron cups, frost them with caramel frosting and top them with one of those beautiful candy acorns!
To keep within the color palette for this table I made some mini dipped candy apples. To make these you take a melon baller and scoop out little balls out of green apples being sure to have some of the green skin showing. Next I inserted a lollipop stick (available at most craft stores) through the green part of the apple ball. I then melted some Enjoy Life allergen free dark chocolate and dipped the “mini apples” covering them with chocolate all the way up leaving the green part exposed! These were super delicious and healthy because it is an organic green apple and very dark dairy free chocolate.
Another dessert I made were the ginger whoopie pies. I have a great shortcut for you on these! Since everyone is not a baker like myself, I thought you’d appreciate this. I used my favorite gingerbread soft baked Enjoy Life allergen free cookies and the caramel frosting that I made for the cupcakes and made them into whoopie pies! They were SO good!
Lastly, Thanksgiving requires some sort of pie! Last year I made pumpkin so this year I decided on apple, gluten free, casein free and vegan!
For each place setting, each child had their own placemat which I printed out and then laminated at a local store, I did the same on each kids menu as well.
 I always like to make a craft or two when I style a table so I took the printable papers from this collection and a simple unfinished picture frame and I used Modge-Podge to adhere paper to the frame, then I sandpapered off the edges. I hunted some acorns from our backyard and topped the frame perfectly.
I hope that the elements I came up with inspire you to create your own special Thanksgiving for your family and little ones!
I will be back soon with another fun gluten and casein free table just in time for Christmas! Until then you can find me over at Two PrinceBakery Theater.
About the Author
An avid baker since childhood Dorangela Bobet, has always enjoyed crafting and decorating for parties. Two Prince Bakery Theater was founded out of a mother’s love and her quest for quality fresh baked goods for her two sons with gluten and casein allergies. What was available was not good enough so she crafted baked goods that the whole family can enjoy that taste delicious and look beautiful without compromising dietary restrictions. She incorporates her background in event styling into her gluten free, casein free, vegan bakery, Two Prince Bakery Theater. She styles parties, photo shoots and dessert tables that look just like your traditional party foods, but are entirely gluten and casein free and in many cases vegan as well.

Her work has been featured on MarthaStewartLiving.com, Amy Atlas Events, Hostess with the Mostess, as well as Bird’s Party Magazine to name a few. She is currently an on-air presenter for ehow.com, Food.




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Acorn Thanksgiving Printables, Paper & Pigtails
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Candy Acorns: Vintage Confections
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