• September 3, 2013
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Another Rave Review For Branam Xylitol Toothpaste

After about a month of using the Branam toothpaste, all I can say is, “Wow.” The first thing about it that caught Harrison’s attention was the flavor’s name (Yum Yum Bubblegum). He also noticed that it was “sparkly,” so he and his little brother (Isaac) soon started saying that it got their teeth sparkly clean! The overall first impression with Harrison was definitely positive!


Equally as amazing as the first impression was Harrison’s sudden willingness to brush his teeth. I asked him what he liked about it so much, and he said that the toothpaste was yummy. There were even times getting ready for bed when I saw Harrison brushing his teeth before I asked him to. The size and shape of the tube made it easy for him to open, squeeze, and shut by himself, and for a child who has had fine motor skills problems in the past, this is definitely a good thing.  


Entering the third grade and starting at a new school has created a heightened sense of independence in Harrison. This summer he has all of a sudden wanted to do everything by himself (“because I’m a big boy now going to a new school” as he puts it), and brushing his teeth is one more thing that he has added to this sense of independence. And it hasn’t just stopped at him — Harrison’s little brother often wants to be like his older brother and do everything that Harrison does. Seeing Harrison racing off to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Isaac often does the same thing.  


Every dental professional I’ve talked to encourages the use of xylitol products (toothpaste, gum, etc.) and some even use it in their offices. I can also say that my wife and I use xylitol toothpaste as well.  


So overall, it’s been a great experience thus far using the Branam toothpaste. The flavor, packaging, easy-to-manipulate tube design, and the “sparkliness” is very appealing to my children. And the fact that it has xylitol makes it even better. It’s something Harrison has said that he wants to keep using!


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