4 Reasons to Attend the Autism Education Summit as Told by Attendees

Team GR: The Autism Education Summit is a place where parents, caregivers and medical professionals can come together to learn, grow, and inspire. Here are the top reasons attendees love the Autism Education Summit.

1. There’s so much to learn

“The topics are so well rounded and cover so many helpful things. I always leave knowing a lot more than I did when I got there.”

“There’s a spectrum of doctors! You have the opportunity to hear from some of the best doctors in the field.”

“The Autism Education Summit always inspires me to cook healthier. It also made me think of things we could change up in all my kids lives.”

“Year after year, things are making more sense and I’m understanding ‘doctor talk’ better.”

“I’ve been going to conferences for 13 years. There is ALWAYS something new to learn.”

2. There are people to connect with

“I feel more empowered and supported after meeting other parents and being able to talk to practitioners.”

“Making connections with other warrior parents had a huge impact on me. To know other people share my struggle meant a lot.”

3. The opportunities are valuable

“Getting the chance to ask doctors questions that normally cost an arm and a leg to talk about is incredible!”

“The panel discussions between doctors and parents makes you more aware of things you didn’t even think about.”

“You have the opportunity to test supplements in the marketplace like Bioray and try different things popular in the community, like IonCleanse before shelling out money for it.”

4. You leave with motivation and inspiration

“I started a healthier diet at home right away after leaving the Autism Education Summit.”

“I always leave feeling reenergized and ready to tighten up things where I may have been lax before. Start something new. It really gave me new life this weekend!”

“In addition to learning new things, it’s a good way to sort of refocus and remind me I’m not the only one going through this and kind of help to reset my mindset and attitude and restrengthen my reserve to just keep fighting for my kid because I know his strengths and weaknesses.”

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