• September 21, 2011
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Attitude is Everything - Step 1 of “The Wagner Way to Wellness”

As the saying goes, attitude truly is everything. Only with the desire to be healthy combined with the proper nutritional knowledge and tools, will we achieve total body wellness. With the right mindset, a human begin can accomplish anything.

It’s never too late to correct our past mistakes, to change the course of bad habits into good habits. With the proper nutritional knowledge, willingness to change and the discipline to apply the changes, you will stop, pause, and make the right choice when it comes to your health and what you eat and how often you move your body!

Think Young

Age is a mindset. Studies have shown that when we transform ourselves by pushing past our limits, we not only change unhealthy habits, but we regain our youth! I feel everyone can learn how to maintain a youthful, vibrant existence with energy and health of being young for their entire life! Over the years I have had thousands of clients achieving this state of health, so it is a proven fact that this is possible. So think young and don’t let an old age mindset into your universe.

Overcome Challenges

Challenges will be all around you, all the time. People will offer you “goodies” and you will see others making errors of judgment in their food choices. I will teach you how to overcome your challenges and make them your greatest victories. Some key terms to remember as you progress include telling people you are “allergic” to certain unhealthy food selections and that you need to make careful decisions when it comes to eating. With this you can be cause not effect, control your settings and not create controversy.

There is no “quick-fix” when it comes to becoming healthy. Without a doubt, the body can heal itself naturally and you can reach your best health with the right tools and knowledge. You will feel better than you’ve felt in your entire life.  

Earn Your Health

We have to work for our health! Start earning your total body wellness by making positive changes in your lifestyle that will balance powerful growth in all areas of your life. Total body wellness is strength in body, mind and spirit.

Here’s to your health and the mindset & physical stamina of vibrant youth & good health forever!

In Good Health,
Dr. Bo Wagner

To read Dr. Bo’s full article on the 7 Steps to “The Wagner Way to Wellness” visit his exclusive blog on GR here.
Dr. Bo Wagner holds a Ph.D. & Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and is a Dean of Internal Wellness & Professor of Functional Medicine at the University of Natural Medicine. Visit: www.drbo.com for more information and resources, and connect with Dr. Bo on Facebook and Twitter.

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