11-Year-Old With Autism Participates in Theatre and Special Olympics

An autism mom shares the changes and improvements she’s seen in her son after starting the Generation Rescue Family Grant Program.

“I have two children, both have autism. My son Indiana (Indy) is 11 and was officially diagnosed at the age of two. But we started therapies at 12 months, as his sister was diagnosed before him, so we were prepared.

Indy started a GFCF diet in January and started taking some supplements. We have seen huge changes in behavior, attention, his desire to socialize and a decrease in his C-PTSD symptoms. He was diagnosed with Complex PTSD after suffering trauma in school at the age of 7.

Biomedical intervention was out of reach for our family financially, so we were thankful to be part of the autism grant program. Indy had been attempting to speak and this journey helped him find his voice!

Since we started the program, Indy has had a tremendous increase in his ability to focus in school and for the first time, they’ve been able to find an effective way to test him!

He has also calmed down and his behaviors have gotten so minor that he has been able to participate in the Special Olympics with his sister! He is currently on the swim team, the bowling team, and the basketball team! He received a first-place ribbon in a swimming competition, a fourth-place ribbon in bowling and basketball is just starting!

He’s been to see the doctor and his overall health is very good. We’re waiting for the results from most of the tests, so far we found out that his cholesterol is extremely low. The doctor started him on LDN which has lowered his aggression to almost nothing and this week we started B12 shots to hopefully help increase his talking!

After starting the program, Indy has consistently started saying “mama,” “hi,” and we have even heard phrases, such as “I don’t know” and “don’t want to. ” He also says his own name!

Since starting the probiotics and supplements, we have noticed a huge decrease in bloating and frustration! Bottom line, he’s a happier boy and is starting to talk. He’s become more social and been able to participate in activities that in the past he has not been able to.

He is participating in drama, created his first watercolor painting and also is trying so hard to sing. He attended his first full-length musical of Tarzan and has been making huge strides in his theatre class! He went from watching on the sides of the room to actually sitting in the script circle, participating during warm up exercises and even going on stage yesterday! He also spoke into the microphone for the first time saying, “Mama!”

We couldn’t be happier. Our doctor is wonderful and so are the supplements and The Listening Program! We are so thankful for the opportunity to participate in the grant program.”

- Cate

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