• March 13, 2012
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Autism In The News - February 2012 Roundup

Each month we search for articles related to autism, research, biomedical treatment, healthy and green living, and general autism news to share with you in our e-newsletter.

Here’s a roundup of all the articles listed in our February e-newsletters:


Head of DSM-IV Nails What’s Wrong with the DSM-V

Dr. Allen Frances was the head of the American Psychiatric Association’s team that wrote the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, the document that defines autism spectrum disorders and other psychiatric disorders. He is the leading critic of the DSM-V, which among other things will end “autism” as we know it. Read Full Article

Autism and Omega Fatty Acids

Researchers at the University of Alabama focus on dietary deficiencies as an environmental contributor to the development of autism spectrum disorders. Read Full Article

Meds for Autism Not Well Understood: Study

Guidelines needed for use of psychiatric drugs in affected teens, researcher says. Read Study

DSM V. The End of Autism As We Know It
And your child’s services and health insurance?

The American Psychiatric Association have launched a great threat to the autism community with their proposed radical redefinition of autism contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM-V). The DSM is the guide used by almost all institutions to diagnose autism and determine access to educational programs, early intervention, Medicaid, services and health insurance access among other services vital to people with autism and their families. Learn More & Take Action

In Autism, Gene Findings May Help Explain Biology and Guide Drug Discovery

Autism and related disorders that profoundly affect behavior and development are diagnosed more often today than ever before. Read Article

Could an Infection Cause Tourette’s-Like Symptoms in Teenage Girls?

The sudden onset of a tic disorder in 15 upstate New York teens might be the result of a strep or other microbial contagion, not “conversion disorder.” Read Article


Mercury and Thyroid Auto-antibodies in U.S. Women, NHANES 2007-2008
Associations between positive thyroid autoantibodies and total blood mercury in women were evaluated using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007–2008.

Download the PDF of the Study Results from the Environment International Publication.


Twins with Autism: Parents Wonder, Did it Have to Happen?

Drew and Skyler Russert are 16-year-old identical twin brothers from Los Altos, Calif. who share the same blue eyes, straight hair and love for football. Read Article


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