5-Year-Old With Autism is Recovering With Functional Medicine Approach

Team GR: We love catching up with our autism grant recipients to learn about their progress. For Autism Awareness Month, we featured King and his mom Sunny on our Instagram for a special takeover. Here’s what Sunny had to say about her son’s progress.

King was diagnosed with moderate autism at 34 months. He was essentially non-verbal at the time, no eye contact, no appropriate play and no social interaction. He would hide under the table all day at school or played in a corner by himself. He had meltdowns all day long and while he never hurt himself, he would hit me instead.

He had many sensory issues. We couldn’t go out to many places because the loud noise would make him anxious and eventually a meltdown ensued.

School was really hard for him. He could not follow directions and transitioning from one activity to another caused more meltdowns. He was not potty trained and it didn’t seem like he would be any time soon. This was our life and doctors told us it would likely be our life forever. His ATEC score was in the 60’s when he was diagnosed.

We started the Generation Rescue grant program in April of 2016 when King was 3-years-old. At that time, his ATEC score was 57. By the end of the grant, his ATEC score was in the low 30’s.

He was saying words and putting simple sentences together, he was participating in school, he even had friends! He was making eye contact, starting to play with his toys more appropriately instead of just banging them or throwing them and was able to make it through outdoor activities with limited meltdowns or issues.

By far the most important intervention has been a GFCF diet including all-organic, non-GMO and we avoid soy and artificial everything as much as possible.

I used to leave King at home when I went shopping, because 9 out of 10 times shopping trips turned into me leaving a cart full of food in the store and leaving because he would have a horrible meltdown. It was so overwhelming for me. Now, he does great!

He is 5-years-old now and his ATEC score is 17. He is fully verbal, although still behind his peers since he got a late start. He is completely potty trained, one of the best students in his class and the funniest kid I know. He is also Spiderman’s biggest fan!

We recently went to a fair and King wanted to be the engineer and sit up front on a train ride! A fair and rides would have been so overwhelming for him two years ago. There was no way he would have been able to handle standing in lines or all the noise!

Thank you to Generation Rescue for everything. King wouldn’t be where he is without GR getting us started on this path to recovery.

- Sunny, King’s Mom

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