Community Rockstars Raising Money for Kids With Autism Around the Globe

The fun thing about giving to charity is that anyone can do it on any level! Whether it’s hosting a crowdfunding campaign amongst your friends online, raising money in honor of your favorite celebrity’s birthday, or making small donations year-round, giving back has never been so easy.

Not everyone can make a large donation, which is completely understandable. But these rockstars prove that a big heart and dedicated community can sure make a large impact!

It costs on average $2,500 to fund a 90 day treatment grant for a child with autism. Collectively, they’ve raised enough money to fund medical treatment for three autism families in-need, last year alone.

Meet Ela from Germany

“I became aware of Generation Rescue a few years ago through Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg [board members of GR],” Ela Hall said.


“I support organizations abroad and also in my home country, Germany, but GR has grown very dear to me.

“In 2016, I met a great couple, Craig and Liz, from Michigan at an event in St. Charles. They have a son who has autism. We’ve become good friends and they have given me even more inspiration to help.”

Ela with Liz & Craig

“The Blockhead Family is a big, crazy and loving bunch and I know they want to help and of course make our role models, Jenny and Donnie, proud!” Ela said. “It’s nice to know that Jenny and the entire GR team value what we do!”

Ela sets a goal and encourages the community to donate with raffle prizes she purchases herself. The prizes usually center around New Kids on the Block, which naturally excites the Blockheads.

In the end, they’re excited to donate to the cause and enter to win some killer merch in the process.

“It’s nice to see how many families could be helped and how GR continues to evolve and grow. It’s important to help where help is needed. As long as I can help, I will.”

Start your own fundraiser like Ela today!


Meet The International NKOTB Sisters Making a Buzz for Charity:

Another group of ladies who donate a lot of time and energy to GR are Jenni Murphy (from North Carolina), Megan O’Connell (from Toronto, Canada), and Laurina Marcic (From Northern California). They started the annual Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy GR Birthday Fundraisers just a few years ago, raising thousands of dollars each year in support of autism families.

Jenni, Megan and Laurina

“Generation Rescue has become a cause near and dear to my heart,” Jenni said. “The statistics about autism are frightening and cold, but GR has brought hope in the face of fear.

“I have seen GR bring both hope and love to the autism community. The grants that GR gives to families affected by autism are life-changing.”

“Everyone knows someone affected by autism. I am no different. There’s no greater gift you can give to someone grappling with an autism diagnosis than hope. GR does that and I hope that all of my friends, family and social networks donate to this wonderful organization as often as they can.”

You can join their efforts and start your own fundraiser here.


Giving a Little Can Help a Lot: Meet Lisa

Our next community rockstar is Lisa from Brooklyn, NY. Her inspiration came after watching fellow Mommy Warrior, Jacqueline Laurita on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Wanting to support the cause, but unable to make a large donation all at once, Lisa became a recurring donor. She gives a little every month and sharing her support on Twitter to encourage her friends to join her efforts.

“This is my way of telling [Jacqueline] thank you so much for always being there for me and how much I appreciate her for being a warrior mom. She provides hope for families and children in-need,” says Lisa.

“I chose to support and donate to Generation Rescue because I feel like charities can change the lives of so many families and especially children in-need.”

Lisa also noted that she LOVES The Little Kernel because it’s not only gluten-free and dairy-free (a dietary staple in the autism community), but also because proceeds from the popcorn are donated back to GR to support families in-need. “From the smallest to the largest donation provides hope and makes a huge impact on our communities as citizens.”

Join Lisa’s efforts and make a monthly donation to help a family in-need here.

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