• October 12, 2011
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Books By Tara

Books by Tara are a great way to spend time and engage with your kids as they promote awareness, thinking and language development. Best of all, kids of all ages and ability levels can enjoy the books.

Designed with an easy, flexible format to entice children’s interest and participation on every page. Intriguing photos of familiar scenes provide plenty of opportunities for looking; pointing; vocalizing sounds, words, phrases, and sentences; answering questions; and beginning in-depth discussions. Playful themes make learning easy and fun.

Here are a couple we think your kids will love this winter season:

“Jack-O-Lantern” is a process book showing how to make one through photos step-by-step.



“Autumn Leaves” explores various autumn leaves and is a fun way to get adjectives flowing!


“Snowman” is a classic winter highlight! Learn the step-by-step process of making a snowman.

Visit BooksByTara.com to find other books & activities for your kids. The entire series of books was developed by Autism Mom and Early Childhood/Special Ed Teacher, Tara McClintick.

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