How GR’s Candace McDonald is Donating Her Birthday to Help Kids with Autism

Birthdays are for celebrating another year of life, learning, and loving and it’s a wonderful time to reflect on people you love, causes you support, and ways to not only receive the wishes of your dreams but to share them, as well. The GR team recently pulled our Executive Director, Candace McDonald (CM), away from her busy schedule to ask about her birthday wishes and why she created the Donate Your Birthday program. Here’s what she had to say!


GR Team: The Donate Your Birthday Program has always been available through GR but this year, you wanted to highlight it more than ever, why is that?

CM: I love birthdays! I love celebrating not only my own but the special days of my friends and family. Birthdays are special, as they are another year of living your dream and making an impact.

GR Team: The ease of the program is awesome (because you have a great team that helped make it simple-ha-ha) but can you share what you love about the ease of the fundraising page you created to support it?

CM: (Chuckling) well, as you mentioned, I have a fantastic team that created the fundraising pages with clear goals and options to join a team or focus on individual giving efforts. I thought the technology to support the program was important to create when highlighting this program because it’s a beautiful process to selflessly give to an organization you support, rather than accepting gifts for yourself, so we wanted to make it easy.

GR Team: Ok, now for the fun and personal questions…if you had three birthday wishes, what would they be?

CM: I am grateful for every day and I do my best to live my life in the moment and focus on the things that matter. I have lots of wishes for my family and others but here are three that come to mind quickly:

  • Wish 1: An afternoon with my son, Bodhi, in Central Park
  • Wish 2: Broadway show & dinner
  • Wish 3: For our world to lead with love over hate

GR Team: Awesome-we love it! So, last question…what are your personal reasons for donating your birthday and why is it important to you?


  • First and foremost, the work I do with Generation Rescue all comes from my love for Iain McDonald, my brother. He is an inspiration to me and has always motivated me to help others.
  • Giving is good for the soul. I am the MOST happy when I am doing for others. It’s a positive cycle to give and receive, so I am doing my part.
  • Lastly, giving is a way to create a sense of community in today’s fast-paced world. My goal is to inspire others to stop- take a deep breath- reflect on your blessings- and give back!

GR Team: Thanks CM…#bestbossever

If you would like to support Candace’s Birthday wish, please click onto her personal fundraising page here and on October 18th…let’s wish her a Happy Birthday!

To learn more about the DONATE YOUR BIRTHDAY program, log onto: and click on WAYS TO GIVE!

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