Jenny Mccarthy & Dr. Oz Debate Vaccines

Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Oz Debate Vaccines

April 12, 2018

Thursday morning, Jenny McCarthy sat down with Dr. Mehmet Oz (host of The Dr. Oz Show) on The Jenny McCarthy Show…

8 Benefits of Using CBD

Dr. Frank Lipman: 8 Wellness Benefits of Incorporating CBD Into Your Health Regime

April 10, 2018

Team GR: Last year, we predicted that CBD would be a huge wellness trend. After loving Dr. Frank Lipman’s books in our April…

Camel’s Milk & Autism Generation Rescue

Camel’s Milk & Autism: What’s the Deal?

April 2, 2018

Team GR: Step aside almonds, camel’s milk is making waves as the trendy new go-to replacement for cow’s milk! But…

A Doctor Explains the Importance of the Microbiome & Autism

A Doctor Explains: The Microbiome & Autism

March 28, 2018

Team GR: We know the microbiome is essential to a healthy life, but how does it impact those with autism? We…

Generation Rescue Autism Education Summit

4 Reasons to Attend the Autism Education Summit as Told by Attendees

March 21, 2018

Team GR: The Autism Education Summit is a place where parents, caregivers and medical professionals can come together to learn,…

Autism and Speech: How to Get Your Child To Talk

8 Steps to Boost Speech & Communication in Children with Autism

March 16, 2018

Team GR: For kids with autism, developing speech and communication skills can be difficult. Dr. Jerry Kartzinel gives us easy ways…

How to Improve Focus and Concentration for Kids with Autism

How to Improve Focus and Concentration for Kids with Autism

March 16, 2018

Team GR: Most children with autism struggle with focus and concentration. We asked Dr. Jerry Kartzinel to help identify common…

How to Get Your Picky Eater to Go Keto

March 12, 2018

We recently chatted with Dr. Will Cole on the GR Facebook page to break down the ketogenic diet and help our…

The 5 Sub-Types of Autism Behaviors

March 12, 2018

Team GR: We understand that autism is a spectrum and each child behaves differently. We asked Dr. Jared Skowron to…

5 Things We Learned About Treating Autism from Mark Hyman

January 19, 2018

Dr. Mark Hyman is a pioneer in functional medicine. We’ve been following him since reading his book, The Blood Sugar…

2018 Wellness Trends Straight from the Doctor!

January 15, 2018

Team GR: Last year, Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez gave us his 2017 prediction for the top trends he foresaw making waves…

Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay?

Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay?

December 14, 2017

Team GR: Part of a healthy routine is staying in alignment. We asked chiropractor Dr. David Foss to help explain…

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